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Friday, January 8, 2010

The Raw Vegan Continues Despite Slip-Ups

So it's funny I am back to identifying myself as a coucabetic pesticidic raw vegan. I also realize I have spicitis and condimentacious alimentarious disorder. Yesterday I under-ate and under drank and got lost driving several times and went up and down in frustrations and calmness. It was very appropriate experience for me - several days earlier I had recorded an audio track about how being in traffic is a good register for understanding our personal emotional baselines.

In that audio track, I pretty much exactly explained a situation that I then experienced. I was an hour late to pick up a friend and had no cell phone to call him and would not know how to get to his house or to the Berkeley Bowl where we planned to buy organics in bulk.

After getting on the wrong track over 4 times, I finally arrived at the destination and was elated to see him there. I had sent him "psychic" messages and was somewhat peaceful in teh fact that he is an aware, God centered, meditating, Tai Chi-ing, general genius so he certainly wouldn't feel like he's really "wasting his time."

Anyhow I pick him up and we get to the Berkeley Bowl and I find tons of organics.

40 pounds organic bananas - $22
7 organic pineapples - $13.50
A case of organic honey dew - $18

We'll see how good everything is.

Anyhow, after I've been posting how strongly I say 100% organic and 100% raw on giveittomeraw.com I ended up eating organic corn chips and non organic homemade guacomole and non-organic papaya that tasted weird to put it simply - it tasted like coffee ice cream - I don't know if that's the new "coffee" flavored pesticide or what but I didn't like. I became congested somewhere in the process of eating and now have a bit of a runny nose and spit out yellow phlegm.

My body is healing though and my postural improvements are things that I also correlate with phlegm removal. My understanding is that improper posture = inflamed areas = areas inflamed with mucus that when the posture is improved, the mucus can be removed. I have noticed that just by massaging certain parts of my body, mucus flow happens and I can spit some out.

Lessons Learned:

Keep a back up 3-4 pounds of organic dates and organic raisins
Keep water in easily transportable bottles.
Stop denying your coucabetic pesticidis.

Today I am seeking deep clarity.

Clarity on my work here. Clarity on my opportunity to go to Hawaii. Clarity on my finances. Clarity on my projects. Clarity on my future and life maps. Clarity on my day to day life. Clarity on my love life. I am getting it. I forgive myself for my ignorance. I forgive myself for judgment. I forgive myself for drug abuse. I forgive myself for self-abuse. I forgive myself for anger. I forgive myself for making friends into strangers. I forgive myself for fear. I forgive myself to clear. I forgive myself for taking on enormous tasks. I forgive myself for not going to sun to bask. I forgive myself for taking others to task, instead of simply removing all my unnecessary masks. I forgive myself for wearing masks. I forgive myself for wearing masks. I forgive myself for making pain. I forgive myself. I forgive myself for energetic drain. I forgive myself for laziness. I forgive myself for haziness. I forgive myself for mazes in this. I forgive myself.

My dream life has become much more interesting.

I want to spend the right amount of time with dreams pretty much everyday.
To do yoga and stretch everyday.
To meditate everyday.
To be in love everyday.
To write everyday.
To read everyday.
to tend to gardens most days.
To sing praise everyday.
To connect with healing the planet and harmonizing behaviors towards that.
To learn meaningful things.
To have greater clarity on my larger projects.
To see myself as organized.

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