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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

No Lenses No Lasers

1. Lenses are harmful.
2. Lasers are dangerous and potentially permanently harmful.
3. Relaxation is an easier healthier way to live life.
4. Relaxation is possible.
5. Relaxation happens right now.
6. It does not require more time to relax than to be stressed.
7. Relaxation always improves vision.
8. Research demonstrates that all nearsighted people are nearsighted because they excessively strain their eyes.
9. Using the eyes without straining them is easier than straining them.

"But I can't see anything without my glasses"

In fact, you see a perfect representation of how you're seeing the world. You're not seeing things clearly - in both a physiological and psychological sense. You are creating strain and stress where there need be none - where you could be free and feel fun.

"But it's still blurry!"

Are you feeling deeply relaxed? To succeed you must deeply relax, and that deep relaxation must be vitalized. It must be the way you move your body from the core. Your breathing must be deep and your movement must be animated, alive, and vital. Your neck must feel nice, not tense.

"Okay, I think I get that the point of it is to feel really good in my body... how can I feel really good in my body?"

Obviously, eating healthily and getting sun and exercise and love and having purpose in life are helpful to feel good in the body. Stretching and breathing make life much better.

However, plenty of people eat junk food diets and see clearly, but don't take that as an excuse. The smallest blood vessels are in your eyes and if you eat junk food full of cholesterol and nasty fats - your vision may be impaired. If you eat plenty of organic fruits and vegetables, your vision may improve. Plenty of people have fully improved their diet by adopting the 80/10/10 Diet (designed by Dr. Douglas N. Graham)

"How long will it take?"

How long will you allow yourself to strain unnecessarily for? There are plenty of cases of instant improvement and plenty of people that take a year to relax. It is simply a function in most cases of how long will it take you to use your body in a vitally relaxed way and not in a hunched over painful posture? How long will it take you to start breathing properly? Can you wait any longer?

"Why is my vision blurry? How can I see clearly?"

Fortunately, the eyeball is a resilient constantly healing part of the human body. Nearsightedness is caused by an elongated eyeball. The eyeball which is full of vitreous is nearly 100% water. If the surrounding muscles are tense on opposite sides, then the ball gets squeezed. When the ball gets squeezed the light no longer falls on the back of the retina and thus the individual sees things blurry.

"What about astigmatism?"

Again, excessive strain and stress messes things up! Astigmatism is caused by more irregular straining. What is the solution? Relax deeply and completely.

"What is relaxation?"

Relaxation is the opposite of contraction. It is the state your muscles are in when they are not contracting - not tensing. Relaxation does not mean being floppy. Relaxation is efficient use of the body. One can be relaxed while running and exercising and in all manners of situations. Relaxation is practiced by olympic weight lifters, yogis, and martial artists.

"Ok I'm ready what's the plan"

If you'd truly like quick results, dedicate a full weekend to deep relaxation and re-processing and integrating your new ways to use your body. The fastest results I've seen are with dedicated people or by working with a professional.

No Lenses No Lasers. Natural Vision Improvement

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tips for relieving stress when I'm busy at work? Part 1

This is such a common question that I figured I'd be wise answer it!

There are two types of solutions - solutions that can be applied while at work and solutions that can be applied outside of work that will effect stress levels while at work. I will focus on solutions while at work first.

The key thing to realize is that you are responsible for most of your physical functioning. Stress requires a shift in your breathing to become stress, and a shift in your breathing relieves stress. Can you take a big sigh of relief right now?

If you are stressed, it is almost certain that you can sigh in relief. Just do it. You can be an actor if it doesn't feel "natural." Now that you've done it, I'm sure you feel at least a little better.

People can also benefit from the opposite approach - to tense all muscles and then let them go. Again, direct responsibility for physical functioning. A person can tense a muscle, and a person can relax a muscle. By tensing, a person directly demonstrates the ability to relax.

Once a person knows that relaxation is available at will, they are less prone to identify situations as "stressful" and can work with the subtleties that created the stress in the first place and harness all the abilities to make things better.

The breathing is crucial. It is a rare person indeed who can be stressed and breathe deeply at the same time. See if you can attend to breathing deeper the next time you discover yourself stressed. It works for everyone to improve the situation - and works even better to PREVENT stress.

Friday, February 12, 2010


I weigh in today at around 142. That's great! I have lost fat and gained muscle in the past 50 days then! 142 5'8'' that's pretty built. We will see if i can maintain weight or gain weight; I have more fat to lose.

Either way I am surprised I didn't lose more weight considering the raw veganness and not doing much weight training at all this past month and half. Apparently sprinting builds muscle and I do that in basketball.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

You Probably Already Have What You Want

It's an energetic thing. I want love, I have love. The desire is a fire inside. Nourish the fire and realize your desire. Feel the inspiration that desire's making and soon the steps you will be taking.

I aim to do a better job of moving people to buy food that nourishes their bodies and heals the planet. I am to become a powerful organic bliss magnet.

People will discover organic bliss.

Organic bliss is when you can walk down the street and breathe and are happy breathing.

Organic bliss is when you simply find yourself overjoyed with tears of ecstasy rolling down and you feel grounded with it.

Organic bliss is sharing the joy.

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