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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Forming Healthy Habits

So I've begun some new habits:

1. Sleeping until I truly truly truly feel like getting up.

This one's A-MAZING! Everyday feels more and more like having the eternal child delightful energy.

2. Spending more time with my dreams and intentions while in bed.

So good to be relaxed and clear my head and intend for greatness.

3. Sun Salutations and Sunbathing

Today I did 3 Sun Salutes. I did two yesterday. Tomorrow 4...  I have so much stretching and relaxing to do!

4. Affirmations Affirmations Affirmations

I have been inspired by Louise Hay's work and feel that her affirmations are spot on. They are getting me to evaluate what my deep beliefs and perceptual parameters are... more on this at my next post.

Things I'm cutting out/phasing out: multi-tasking, being up late, negative energy (judgement), comparison...

I've already seen an increase in focus through removing the multi-tasking. It is sooo important!

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