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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Levels of Healing

The body heals. Fingernails, muscles, cells, and organs all heal. Eyes heal. The way that most eye problems happen are from improper muscular use. It truly is that simple for most cases - it is likely that a great deal if not all of the issues you have with your eyes are from improper muscular use. That is a blessing to discover. It is a blessing because you can now find an easier way to live. It is like realizing that a ball and chain is dragging behind you and taking your precious energy away. At first you might think oh no this is terrible! I am chained to a metal ball! In fact you might react negatively to the discovery! You've always been slowed down by the ball and chain, but haven't known it was there! If you didn't know that strain causes poor eyesight, why would you consider it? You have not been taught to look for causes of disease, but rather to treat symptoms and manage them. You have not been taught to engage in activities that are known to increase health on all levels. It is necessary to transcend the paradigms that disempowers you. There are activities that open up new worlds. Discoveries are being made every single second, but guess what - life is even better than that; you don't need to re-invent the wheel to heal.

You don't need to re-invent the wheel in order to heal.

Have you considered what limits you may be subconsciously placing on your positive possibilities today? What do you allow as possible and what not? Do you live with the constant awareness that this right now is a wonderful time to exist and full of everything you could ask for? Do you feel that you are in line with your purpose in life? Being aligned with purpose makes health possible in ANY conditions. Having the clarity of intention to do good, to be a contribution, to serve, to love, to answer to a Higher Authority, allows you to transcend all material limitation. This motivation gets you beyond even your individual physical body's importance. When you have the power or fortune to find yourself investing your life in something Great, healing is automatic.

How is healing automatic?

What constitutes healing is quite different for different people. However, the feeling of quality of life works here. If I was on a planet that was likely to be destroyed in the next ten years or in a country of insane people, how would I survive or thrive? How can we thrive under harsh conditions? How can we thrive without community, without paradigms of health and thriving to follow, with low quality food, and surrounded by glum moods? We have to make a choice and invest in it. Once that choice is made, we may find that the jungle we thought we'd have to bushwack, is a nicely paved path and we have choice of bicycling, jogging, or strolling with peers.

See, from an unenlightened perspective a static "situation" exists that can be explained as our life. We have a set of numbers and measurements that make up "the situation" that "can't be changed within a conversation or from reading a few thoughts." What makes up that situation? Weight, age, location, finances, jobs, and the less positively intentional a person is the more static of a situation exists. Take for example a statement like "human nature is to be greedy" or "I can't find any good friends." Are these true? Perhaps we are not quick to say they're false assessments. They may certainly be valid perceptions of events that happened, but the operative word is "happened." Clarity on intention tends to skip most unnecessarily negative though "valid" information. A person says that they can't find friends. Would they be better served by stating their intention - to find friends? Consider where your mind goes from the statement "I can't find friends." What kind of pathway is being cleared with that mental foray? Sure, a person can easily skip to the next thought of "Oh except for Tom and Marsha they're great, maybe they know other people I'd like to spend time with." However, comparing that with "how can I improve my social life in a fun way" - certainly directly opens up possibilities and the question itself can be asked in the form of a positive feeling.

The statements that begin with "I can't" are rarely in the form of positive feelings. To maintain consistency, I am happy to say that "I can't" statements CAN be in the form of a positive feeling AND can lead to marvelous creations and dreams and understandings - truly a wonderful pathway. Why do this? Because this type of pathway of thinking has been reinforced so many times, and perhaps because that is more accurate an assessment of reality.

How do I know that this is more accurate? Simply because I know that my knowledge represents such a small part of possibility. In fact, since I operate under the theory that infinite possibilities exist, I can comfortable tolerate the feeling that I know not even a fraction of what there is to know - although I trust that what I do know is all that I need to know. So let's consider this again and again and again. There are always more possibilities. It is most likely that there are infinite possibilities. This is a statement worth feeling. Infinite possibilities. Like being able to fly in all directions. And being able to consider that the concept of directions itself is a type of realm of possibility that other possibilities exist along side.

I can resonate strongly with the statement, there's always something good that I didn't notice.  Maybe that sounds undesirable because who wants to miss the good stuff? Who wants to miss the greatest experiences? I see it as the most amazing gift. The gift that keeps growing better and better. You discover it's good and then you keep going and discover it's better and keep going and going. Upon discovering deep energetic service to people, we can constantly unwrap the presents of that presence. We can have the presentience that we will open presents through presence.

What does having the presentience that we will open presents through presence present us with? It presents us with the sense that something greater than our very concept of great is unfolding before our very eyes. All The Time. The presentience is the prediction of that future. This opens huge security and forward thinking and positive connection with the living world. We begin to sing a glorious song.  Our feelings expand their transcendence of conditions. If we can not predict our peacefulness in the future, then our peacefulness in the present must mature ASAP.

The fortune we have to work on this level is enormous. Our psychic senses of the world shift quicker than reading these sentences. Psychic senses arguably are shifted faster than the speed of light. They are shifted at the core of consciousness. The core of essence - no movement is necessary. In fact, it is less movement. It is a decrease in entropy. Inner peace contained is in increase in simple harmonics. It needs not be spoken of or communicated to. It is a state of deep confidence. An unconditional state beyond manipulation - it is the state behind the state behind the state of manipulation. Less objects are moved, AND more work is done. Less work is done and therefor more work is done.

This is hardly pie-in-the-sky. This is do or die. Be you or die. Be you and die. This author deletes the need to be understood or to come across as intelligent or even consistent and non-contradictory. Let allegories come what may and may these words establish good things to say. 

What work gets done in meditative stillness? A being grows. A being deletes conditioning. A being shines light on dark hypnosis. A being focuses energy on proper breathing. This is vital. Vitality is vital. Consider that we are all connections. Messages get relayed through each of us and within very few degrees these messages reach all life on earth. For an easy example consider your local community. What effect does a frowning person have? What effect does a smiling person have?

These questions bring to light another question - how casual do we experience life? How intense must something be to be worthy of telling it to someone? "I saw a man frowning today." Is it possible that one day we will live in a place where this would be a horrid omen? Or a place where the person who said this would be expected to have consoled the frowning individual and done whatever it takes to awaken the man to experiencing life?

I am not saying that frowning is a behavior to be inhibited, it seems all feelings that arise ought to be processed and each being has their way. However, that wouldn't be telling my whole story. In my story there is a goal and a shared Earth a shared home a shared essential organ system. As much as it would be nice for me to have an idea that everyone has their own karma and incarnations and so forth. It's a small world after all. I can not wait for everyone to learn what I've learned and beyond on their own. I must act. I must empower myself to effect billions. I must see that others are empowered to do the same. In the name of all that is Holy I must do that.

So I say "I can not" wait,  That resonates as truth. There are energies that I know my life will benefit from me not resisting them. Passionate living comes with or from passionate giving. What an exciting joy to be involved with improving our lives on all levels. Improving the ethics, the ecology, the economy, the emotions, how much love we feel in each and every interaction. When we communicate there are so many levels that we have the ability to connect on. Far more than just verbal information exchange. We can communicate with implied messages of great importance and value.

I can say "how are you?" and within that statement include "I love you." I can say "what time is it please" and with my eye contact and psychic intention provide deep emotional support. I believe that I can send more complex messages as well such as "organic food is the way to go" without discussing the topic. We make these statements by our lifestyles. We make them by the groups we join, the music we listen to, and with what beliefs we project into the future.

Remember the "situation" we spoke of that might be static. In some ways a person might say that it's more comfortable and safe for them to feel a sense of consistency, This is to be nourished, the consistency is intentional love. Intentional health. Intentionally increased ethical character. There are infinite places of value. When we apply this to our "static situations," desirable channels become clear and our ability to tune in becomes easier. Frequently a broad generalization about "reality" or "society" has significance because the person making the statement feels significant negative stimulation from the perception. Say I have a perception that "people don't know what true health is" - how can I make this statement without implying that some degree of the people in my life are unaware of health?

Broad generalizations such as these can be replaced with intentions. I would like to find more people demonstrating paradigms of abundant health. I would like everyone to be healthier. I would like to find a group of people to live with that truly benefit my health and that I can benefit theirs. I want my friends and family to achieve abundant health - and I will be happy to learn and teach and give. I can see a new society forming with this connection in mind. People that are psychically aware and open. Nodes of inner peace that want to expand that peace so their empathy expands. With empathy expanding, more co-operation becomes expected and the value is understood as intrinsic creating a positive feedback loop between helpers. It becomes the norm to understand that going to another to ask for their help honors the other and vice versa.

As this continues, a number of infrastructure changes happen on the planet. People gravitate towards local seasonal foods and empower their goals to live in harmony with nature. Living in harmony with nature might simply mean to have access to beautiful clean environments. I have had the fortune to travel in many continents and found that nearly all areas untouched by human development were amazing and beautiful. We have been blessed. Our individual happiness rises with collective happiness.

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