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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Running a Half-Marathon and How to Make Your Diet Work

I ran 18 miles on Thursday. More than I've ever run in a day (unless somehow a day of basketball totaled that much movement). It was quite nice and I feel like my relationship with myself has deepened through it as well as my relationship with a significant author ( ;

My fingernails are feeling quite strong and hard and my teeth are tight in the gums. I was quite concerned about my teeth at some point after I ate a number of foods off the 80-10-10 organic raw vegan wagon I felt my teeth really loosen.

I am inclined to understand this much more of a psycho-somatic lesson than a purely physiological one. I have made organic health a major part of my life path and realistically there's no turning away from it. I have made huge investments in this on all levels and to turn ever to non-organic or less than healthy options is like getting lost or making bad decisions (being on tilt if you're familiar with the poker term).

Today I realize there's only so many things to eat and I can simply plan in the morning all of the foods that I'm eating and then follow through.

Speaking of following through. "I follow through on my decisions," is the Affirmation Louise Hay discovered and or formulated for teeth issues. I have been using affirmations for some time now, but only recently with diligence and I am quite happy with the results. They work!

So today, we've got bananas on the menu and celery for dessert!

Ripe bananas are so good. It is funny how all it takes is appreciating what I have and watching myself. Noticing if I am emotionally acting as if something is missing. If that's the case I will re-center and really think about what's going on.

I KNOW that raw veganism works. I know that eating TONS of organic ripe fruit and PLENTY of greens is all I need for super health and that eating other stuff is just not as good.

So now I get a fresh start like everybody does every day. Today I will eat probably 50 bananas and a couple heads of celery.

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