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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


So obviously th3 3 button has a probl3m. A big probl3m. No, not r3ally. If th3r3's a will, th3r3's a way, and th3r3's always a will.

I always will for good. Always and all ways. Obvious!

Having a gr3at convo with my dad about psychology, physiology, and so forth. Int3r3sting to s33 how th3 way w3 think about things d3monstrat3s who w3'r3 living as.

Who w3 ar3 is an int3r3sting stat3m3nt. I am a man on a mission.

That can b3 3xpand3d, and th3r3's no 3xpansion to b3 don3, all is on3.

It op3ns my h3ad to think about physical r3ality in 3xamining my pow3r. Wh3n p3opl3 sp3ak of physical r3ality th3r3 app3ar to b3 caus3 and 3ff3ct, but wh3n thinking about many ev3nts th3 causality is l3ss cl3ar. This might not b3 so. In Th3 Diamond Cutt3r, Roch3 d3scrib3s karmic causality for all. On3 int3r3sting 3xplanation for pollution was sexual misconduct. It mak3s s3ns3 to m3 on th3 l3v3l of 3xploitation l3ads to 3xploitation.

Anyhow, wh3n it comes to physical rules governing reality, what governs the creation of an imaginary template that then goes into action?

Physical reality must include the stuff that make up relationships between people and what physically determines our relationships? What determines whether a person concludes that external forces move them or that they are in facts the agent of destiny.

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