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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

As I See It

Great post from Robert Cheeke: 

1. As I see it… When you have a childhood dream that still burns and tugs at your heart when you’re an adult, you owe it to yourself to pursue and achieve this dream.

2. As I see it… You really can give a 110% effort towards something that you are truly passionate about.

3. As I see it… Don’t just reach for the stars. Grab a hold of one, grasp it tightly, and pull it into your heart and soul.

4. As I see it… We are all capable of living each day with a fiery passion and sense of purpose that radiates in our smile and voice.

5. As I see it… They may never say it, but your parents really are proud of you when you follow your heart and chase your dreams.

6. As I see it… If you want it to be, your heart can be your biggest and most powerful muscle in your body.

7. As I see it… We were all born to “be somebody,” look deep inside your heart to find out who and what you are supposed to be.

8. As I see it… Some of us are fortunate enough to have known what we wanted to be since the day we were born. 


How do you see it?

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