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Friday, May 21, 2010

How Much is Enough and Famous Bad Combos

How much is enough?

People think that a whole 3 pounds of strawberries is a ton of fruit, yet it is only 435 calories. To be active 20 pounds of oranges (3000 calories 55 grams of protein) are necessary in my finding. To be super active and to build deep muscle probably 40 pounds (6000 calories 110 grams of protein). 

Famous Bad Combos

LOL pretty much every single standard American diet meal is a terrible gaseous nightmare. Starch and protein are mixed as a fricking RULE! Rice and beans, meat and potatoes, chicken and grits, eggs and hashbrowns, cereal and milk - again and again and again starch and protein!


These combinations that are ill-advised; protein foods require an acidic environment to be digested, and starchy foods require a basic environment. If you mix both then you have an inefficient gassy rotten putrefying disaster which is why the bathroom at McDonald's smells like Hell - because of the putrefying proteins releasing Sulfur.

Methionine and cysteine are the sulfur containing amino acids. What foods are high in them? Animal products. What foods are low in them? Fruits and vegetables. That's why my feces don't smell like rotten eggs, because I don't have any rotten eggs in my system. 

Due to the improper combinations and under-chewed food the proteins do not fully digest and are left in the gut to ferment and rot.

I recommend researching these topics in depth: protein, amino acids, RDA's, RDI's, PDCAAS, and mother's milk.

I am not revealing a great deal of my resources here because I want to see what people independently find and share. 

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