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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I need your input!

I need your input, reader! Honestly. I want to change the world big time for the better and you are the one who I intend to change. OH NO SOMEONE WANTS TO CHANGE ME SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH ME AHHHHHH

Well yes. Something is wrong with all of us. Our essential organ known as the Earth is rapidly losing its capacity to support life. It's kind of like a gigantic stanky case of obesity and putrefying flesh in the anus and heavy metals accumulated from things being too fishy around here and it's a bit too smoky too.

And we all can contribute to its disease more.

And we can all contribute to its health more.

One person can plant thousands of trees. Most people plant thousands of trees without knowing it, simply by buying apples. Most people destroy thousands of trees without knowing it, simply by buying into grains or wiping their butt too much.

I need to know who my audience is.

Who here can already easily afford to stop buying junk food and replace it with fruits and vegetables?
Who needs to earn more money or find another way to live in order to get healthy food?


I'm going to run this by you again. IF YOUR LOCATION DOES NOT HAVE FOOD GET OUT OF THERE

Food is like kind of important in the scope of things including life.

Taking care of your life ought to be a top priority. Yes, I know that "House" is on Fox or Re-runs of the "let's pretend this is not "filtered by a control state" comedy-substitute" on some other "channel." However, LIFE is a top priority.


Please please please get your shit in gear a little more. I mean seriously people, what the fuck do you think you're doing? It doesn't have to be so hard...

BUT I know now something because I started working 40 hours a week. It is tough to do that! And I pretty much had one of the top 5 jobs in the universe. So imagining working a fucking shit job for years is like so energy sapping that I am absolutely amazed at how amazing the human spirit is. HOly fucking nutballs.
PS. I am going to start selling garbage to you. YOu may be wondering, David why are you selling me garbage and the answer is because you are too idiotic to know what to do with money. You don't have any serious plans to grow all your own food nor to live in a supportive community. You don't seriously realize how powerful your investments are of "small" amounts of money like $20 and because basically your shit will not be in gear until you smash The Giant Within into 25 brickwalls.

READ ENDERS GAME. IT IS FUN and guess what else, you'd be a shit heel pledge bitch to not realize that YOU ARE ENDER and if you don't save the world or whatever you're missing out on a lot of pussy. Now I know what the feminists are thinking, how come I didn't say missing out on a lot of money, here's why: sex love rub pink glow silver lining horseplay appeals to more people than dollar signs. Even food. A study showed that starving monkeys would rather look at a photo of a butt than eat a banana. Makes sense. If i was dying I'd rather fuck than eat a banana.

Anyhow for 76 cents apparently you can read the book that turned Napoleon into Alexander the Great - NO FRICKIN JOKE.

Google Search !