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Friday, May 14, 2010

$ $ $$ $$ Money

So I mistakenly thought 600 viewers saw my blog post yesterday and I was like WTF really? 600 okay people give a shit or whatever or for some reason got directed to me or who knows what and okay got an audience gotta give em the goods then. YOu know how that goes.

So now I know that in truth it was 12 people. NOT TOO SHABBY BUDDIES thanks for stopping by

hi diddly ho dingos

It's david your friendly neighborhood  power-maniac here to control your life.

I demand that you eat 100% organic under all circumstances. That's right. If you can't afford it, I expect you to beg borrow or borrow. Or move or earn or budget. Or budge it. YES BUDGE.

Move outta your seat to get the sweet.

It's fuoken hilarious that I'd think okay i need to convince people so i'm waiting for the argument or energy or something to get htem to realize that their actions matter and they can be resposnsilbe for gr8 changes in the world and not just be in the slogs of eating mental fog creating blarf

so i am both removing my obligation to helping your sorry asses and improving my response abilities to get you off yours. i don't need you  and you don't need me and we need each other to make the world free and clear and clean. yes sier.

you need me to drive less and to buy more local and i need you to stop buying the garbage pesticide hebricicde destructive suiced shit lifestyle that you're living even though all it would take is a few more bucks a day for you to live without making spray BAy BAY.

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