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Thursday, June 10, 2010

To Most People, Relaxation is Stress-full

Think about it. Who needs to relax? People that are excessively tense. How does it feel to be tense? TENSE! So when someone suggest relaxation or pretty much anything to a tense person, that person feels their tension. It takes something extra to get someone to deeply understand what relaxation is and where it is coming from and to take response ability for the stress and strain. I can not begin to describe how important eating enough fruits are to this. So much strain comes from low blood sugar and insufficient alkaline minerals (that are found in fruits and vegetables at proper ratios).

So think about that, feel that. Feel that when you want to deal with stress you must allow a new state to replace your dominant feeling. It is a very important step to admit that you are stressing. That you are straining. That you are misusing your body and eating improperly and emoting improperly.

Once you admit these things, you will find that you have much more physical control for your destiny and desires.

Try it out:

Are you straining right now?

What happens when you sigh with relief and say yes?

Do you feel that you're telling the truth saying no?

Feel it out.

Tell me how it goes!

As always if you'd like a guided relaxation session, contact david.hestrin at gmail dot com. Skype Sessions are $35 for 30 minutes.

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