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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

How to get Started Improving Eyesight

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Health is Supported Deeply Beyond Conception

So last night for some reason I decided to eat cauliflower. I had already been in bed for a while but was feeling a little stress-y and decided to eat something. Here's where it got messy. I took at some cauliflower it was "okay" very cauliflowery. Mild actually. Regardless, I ended up eating a pinch of black pepper, a tablespoon of olive oil and then a can of organic tomato paste.

Next morning, I actually felt pretty good until later in the day when I started feeling out of focus and echh etc... the night before (after eating the junk) I was snotty and spitty and dull and tense and blargh - feelings I do not experience on 100% fruit and veg days. Achoo I just sneezed now - another thing that doesn't happen on F and V days.

Anyhow, what's interesting is that the front page is "Hungary Declares State of Emergency After Toxic Flood" and it's a guy with a huge spoon walking in some red sludge - a la Tomato Paste. Me being Hungry became an emergency after eating the garbage. IF I had maintained a fast, I would have continued more readily on my path and increased my clarity. Decreased food consumption has been beneficial to me.

I later dream of catching up on path with my friend R who eats a similar lifestyle. Either way, I'm loving that signs keep me on point and am happy to be reminded of this fact that I'm going the right way and figuring things out. I am now going to link a book that I've enjoyed

Google Search !