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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Where is the consensus?


While watching this video I realized that there is likely much cross application to the changes with regards to diet that I'd like to see made. Of course when I say dietary changes I am referring to a lot. It is a change of health and a change of action.

That said, change is not change. Change is not change because there is nothing in between. Yes if yesterday you ate meat and today you eat fruit that can be seen as a change, but you already didn't eat after eating so it's not necessarily a change from eating meat to eating sweet. The idea is about identifying with nothingness here. Not identifying with past behavior nor future behavior nor present behavior. Feel.

So Dr. Finkelstein describes how Gandhi had two worlds so to speak. The world of his ashram and the world of the public political sphere. In the Ashram, no underwear was allowed and people had to record all thoughts, in the political sphere that was not the requirement expected of any. In the ashram, there would be no meat consumed, in the political sphere - this would not become an issue that millions were eating meat.


Because in the greater political sphere there was no consensus on meat eating, but there was on the problem of alcoholism - so he acted on that. In the ashram, there was consensus on the meditative lifestyle, so there was action according to those principles.

We can learn from this to get a sense of what we agree upon on a large scale and how to move that platform forward. We all agree that our food could be higher quality. Everybody's mother's mother knows that the food simply doesn't taste as good and would love a better pepper, apple, pear, orange, grape, milk, cheese, meat, whatever.

Nearly no one is attracted to the reality of factory farming. No one really wants the grain fed beef over the grass fed. No one really wants the farmed over the wild caught (unless they're concerned over mercury first and then hormones...) everyone wants quality. Everyone DOES want purity, but their place is compromised.

I can tell you from my experience that it can be VERY trying to KNOW that one is compromising one's decisions by ingesting impure (see: poisonous) foods; there is simply not a good enough excuse in my mind at this point. Sure I've got plenty of room for improvement - see there it is - let me explain

It is quite conceivable to me that if I no longer drank from any plastic bottles (the ones I drink from are BPA free), I would experience some health gains and perhaps even notice the difference in water quality after a few days/weeks/months when drinking from alternate sources.

I know now that drinking tap water hurts. My body rejects the garbage in it. There are plenty of other changes that could happen that would reveal great differences in quality of life.

Presently it is 12:41 AM. I think that in general my habits would be better served asleep at this time. When I have it a habit to get to bed at 9pm or even earlier, my life will be much better. Yet if I believe I can't make that change or say right now I don't believe that I'm losing something by continuing writing this blog post. This is valuable I say and will help me get to bed - this can be completely (ha, completely) true...

YET is this not like having a pizza in front of me and being hungry and "primed" for pizza and "knowing" that if I don't eat it I'll feel bad for paying for it or some other excuses like that? As a proud parent can one in the matter of a conversation admit or realize that tap water is an unnecessary harm? Can one take responsibility for paying for factory farming, while eating factory farmed foods? Can one admit one's lack of control? I have found it difficult to put down foods. This is not the case with fruits and vegetables.

I have no problem putting down fruits and vegetables. However, when I did break my diet several years ago and ate some factory farmed meat and other conventional (un)fare I did not want to put anything down and don't feel like someone could've told me hey wtf are you doing - what you're doing is wrong! The animals! Your health!

The person who could do that would be someone I deeply respected or someone who had a lot of love and giving to them. Someone that could either say hey man do whatever you want, if you'd like a ton of fruit and veg, I can hook you up.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Febreze - It's a Breath of Fresh Air

Here's a great product not to buy - Febreze. B**** please. That's not a breath of fresh air. That's a breath of toxic garbage.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sugar Cane?

Just bought two bags of this stuff and am mixing it with distilled water. It is delicious and has quite a bit of calcium (60mg for 150 calories). Another bag of different raw sugar showed that it contained lots of iron and vitamin c, which surprised me.

UPDATE I DO NOT RECOMMEND EATING THIS AT ALL. I got headaches from it and felt drunk in the morning!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to Graft!

Had an amazing time with James. He lives at Orcas Island a veritable Fruit Forest in Washington State. I hope to visit someday and share in the bounty of apricots, peaches, nectarines, melons, plums of many varieties and of course the community feel. I miss being in a place where my actions are more intrinsically motivated and more obviously helpful to others. Siiiigh. Anyhow, I am excited about grafting and showing you the whole process in a ten minute video! We did not use the Fiskars Folding Saw but I think it should be fine, I don't know what type James used.

Turning a local ornamental plum tree into a tree that produces almonds, peaches, nectarines, and apricots sounds so awesome it is ridiculous. Please do it and share your results!

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