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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Updates on Protein, Muscle Building, Diet, Nutrition

Well I did a good deal of research on the protein issue and the one question I'm still looking for is how efficient the muscle building process is (if a pound of muscle is like a house of 22 bricks, how many bricks does it take to build it... I'm assuming it's not 100% efficient but doubt it's significantly inefficient).

Anyhow, I trust that the WHO's standards are more than adequate which for you and me is around 55 grams of protein per day to cover all needs, the question about building muscle is how much more do we need?

According to Dr. Graham a live pound of muscle is 5% protein = 5%*454=around 22 grams.

If you look at a dry pound of say chicken breast, it is 22% protein = 22% 454 which is around 100 grams.

So one needs a minimum 22 grams of protein to build an entire pound of muscle plus adjusting for whatever inefficiency is in the process. Therefor, if we would consistently eat 60 grams a day in a month that would be a monthly excess of 150 grams of protein above our needs which would be enough to build 150/22 almost 7 pounds of muscle, which according to Dr. Graham and other sources is far more than what we can actually expect to build.

His estimate is that we can build around 1.1 pounds of muscle per month which would only require 1 gram per day above our maintenance needs.

So with 60 grams a day, one certainly has enough protein to build significant muscle.

Another way to look at it, is simply to take the WHO standards for maintenance and consider the ideal weight and check what the daily protein requirements are. Say one wants to weigh 180, ones protein needs according to the WHO would be .83 * 180/2.2 =67.9

Charlie doesn't worry about protein because he's getting more than enough, I believe something like 80 grams average.80 grams would be enough for a 80/.83*2.2= 212 pound ripped man.

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