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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Check out What My friends are doing!

http://rex.fm/ Rex is a friend that has supported me a ton in my online adventures :P He bought into our property for $300 in Alturas after visiting it for a day and having a good time up there. He came with his girlfriend Anna and nephews. They discovered that there is a wonderful tree for climbing! I don't remember exactly what happened but at some point I was blogging about organic stuff several years ago and perhaps through facebook Rex read what I was doing and realized that he could benefit from putting some more energy into his own decisions regarding food. He lost 25 pounds and became far fitter and perhaps more motivated for change. He was already pretty motivated though! It was pretty surprising that he lost 25 pounds because he was already pretty fit and a strong soccer player. I would have never seen him fat or even as chubby, but he managed to lose 25 pounds without becoming too skinny.

I think we all may have a bit of weight to lose or some aspect of our personalities that could change for the better that everyone may already accept as the way we are, but if we change we could be even better. I've had bad habits with regards to sleeping, internet use, arguments, repressions, disorganized eating, and much more, that I'm working to change. Getting to bed earlier (ideally at 9 lately before midnight), being more mindful about computer use (actually getting things done), caring more for others (feeling better myself), and so forth.

Anyhow, check out his site he has a lot of nice music and he talks about solutions to important problems and is doing what he can to be the solutions and live his love. :)

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