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Friday, April 15, 2011

California Kiwis

Northern California Kiwis are harvested in one fell swoop in November and kept in cold storage from the harvest till April. When they are desired to ripen and soften, they are removed from the storage and placed in another room with apples or another emitter of ethylene, and then consumed.

The standard goal yield is 25,000 pounds, and according to Robby Barbaro's great work, there are 345 grams of edible weight per pound of kiwi - which translates to - 210 calories -so 25,000*210=5.25 million calories over November-April - that translates to 6 months with an average of 28767 calories per day. That amount of calories would be enough for the nutritional lion-share of 14 people for 6 months.

Another possibility would be to trade half the yield (or any other share) with another 7 people and thus secure a year-round source of calories. Another possibility is to acquire more land. Calculations can be made in many ways. One individual owning 1 acre of usable land can simply grow less kiwis and have other things growing to have fresh fruit year round in primate-worthy quantities.

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