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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Uncovering buried memories.

Some may be skeptical about what I'm about to suggest, but my experience and senses back it up - we may be physically holding onto memories by way of our posture.

The first time I palmed, I spontaneously recalled a memory from 6th grade that I had not thought of at all for years - possibly never after the event that occurred, which is odd because if I was in the classroom with my current consciousness I would have never let what happened happen. If I was a bystander I would have probably seen to a lawsuit or some kind of legal measure.

Now, in retrospect maybe it's not such a big deal from the outside, but from the inside it was a violation. I was in class and I do not remember what prefaced the action of the teacher, but at some point she grabbed my face, both sides of my cheeks with one hand and is telling me something about how I won't talk again or something to that effect.

Later as I progressed in my healing journey, I had dreams of teachers from junior high standing above me looking directly down and I feel powerless. Now I feel differently, and having that dream to me signified a clearing of this from my body.

As I palmed tonight, I recalled a memory of playing basketball in 9th grade or perhaps earlier. I found it interesting because the memory involved a beautiful girl that I was undoubtedly attracted to but did not know how to express and explore my attraction to her.

The significance of resolving chronic tension is great psychologically. It is not simply some kind of purely physical malady to have excessively tense shoulders, butt, back, or any other area in the body. Can you truly dance with a tight ass? Can you make love completely with tense eyes?

When you somehow allow yourself to be free and finished with your strained pain, I think it is like you are returning to that moment when you first found fear leading to tension and now are moving forward from there without tension.

I feel my inner child's presence. The sense of deep fulfilling wonder returns.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

Yes Cell Phones Still Cause Tumors

So the World Health Organization is citing the data now...


I remember in 2005 when I heard a radio show say there had been 200 studies about the effects of cell phones. 100 showed harms and 100 showed nothing. Out of the 100 that showed no harms, 75 were directly funded by cell phone companies. No thinking required on this one.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Love Your Body!

Love Your Body From the Inside Out and Outside In!

By that I mean, feel the love that you are at the core of your existence and then allow that love to lead to your physical transformation that will fill you up with good feelings. I was just checking myself out in the mirror and noticing how my muscles have grown and my skin is clear and I've got an ear to ear grin on my face. Noticing how good I look, made me feel even better! You can develop this type of internal momentum that brings good cheer to wherever here is in your here and now.

It takes time to transform the outside, but the inside changes as quick as you're reading! These thoughts are yours now!

I love myself! I love the world! I love what I do! I love what's happening!

Acrylamide gets created when you brown food.

Browning leads to frowning.

If you can't eat it fresh, then there are toxins you have to destroy. If you can destroy toxins, you can probably destroy nutrients, if you destroy things and still eat them, you are eating garbage. Acrylamide is toxic garbage that gets created when you brown things by cooking them.

Boiling is one way to avoid browning because the temperature is kept at 100 degrees.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Black People Are Four Times More Relaxed Than White People

So you may have read my earlier blog post and seen that the rate of myopia in blacks is half that in whites, but did you know that blacks (youths) are watching near double the amount of television (6 hours as compared to 3.5 hours) as whites AND spending more time at the computer on a daily basis?


I haven't found statistics about nutrition or exercise comparisons but when it comes out that blacks exercise less and eat worse what will we say? We will keep looking and see that blacks have more sex and dance more and express their anger and creativity better and have more self confidence - all which lead to clearer eyesight.

Scary Drug of the Year


Wow. Check out the side effects which are common:

Side effects from fluorouracil are common and include:


thinned or brittle hair


weakness or achiness

drying or darkening of the skin or nails

sensitivity of skin to sunlight

blistering skin or acne

loss of appetite or weight

tingling in the hands or feet

That's not really the bad part imo. The bad part is this: If you experience any of the following symptoms, call your doctor immediately:


painful urination or red urine

black, tarry stools


stomach pain

unusual bruising or bleeding

swelling of the feet or legs



sore throat

nausea and vomiting


yellowing of the skin or eyes

joint pain

Call your doctor immediately if you have diarrhea? Call him immediately if you have a cough? Or stomach pain? Jesus help us. How frightening would that be to feel like if you get diarrhea you have to IMMEDIATELY call the doctor. Scared for life, scarred for life. Please choose health.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Black People Have Better Eyesight Than White People

1983 Study shows White People have twice as much Myopia as Black People* (26% to 13%). Also White people had 3-4 times more hyperopia (farsightedness). Now the present rate of myopia is as high as 43% - less than 30 years later. Does a near doubling of the rate of myopia make it seem like heredity is the player at large here?

No. It implies something else is the cause of myopia. Could it be the influx of tvs, laptops, computer games, worse teachers, worse diet, less exercise, less time out doors? I say so.

*Read the Research Paper Here

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yoga wasn't always for posers!

I found this fascinating! Yoga used to be just all lotus position! Very interesting words. What do you think about this? Are you going to consider focusing more on the meditative side of yoga than the headstands and pigeon pose?

About Eyesight Improvement

About the Topic
The world needs people to see clearly and people need to see the world clearly. 3 out of 4 people consider sight to be their most important sense and 80% of information about the world comes through sight. There are over 1.5 billion people that are suffering from blurry vision unnecessarily. People that could be seeing clearly without glasses by following the instruction herein, otherwise claim to be blind without their glasses. Children who are experiencing great stress and sometimes terrible traumas are stuck in ways that prevent them from processing the experience and moving on. Wearing glasses and using lenses is expensive, physically harmful, and causes a feeling of disconnect from the world; it is like living through binoculars or a microscope and not really being in the world. Wearing glasses leads to staring, thus stifling the movement of the fastest twitch muscles in the body. Our eyes are meant to wander and discover the world we live in. Wearing glasses diminishes this and wearing contacts decreases oxygen flow. Neither lenses nor lasers treat the cause of blurry vision; they do not help the eyeball return to its appropriate shape and in the cases of laser surgery – the eyeball is permanently deformed. People need to know that for most cases, myopia (nearsightedness) is caused by tension and muscular mis-use – not by genetics and that’s not an irreversible condition. They need to know this so that they can improve their eyesight and feel free! Wearers of glasses and contacts all report great deals of tension – usually not just in and around the eyes, but in the neck, shoulder, and back. Breathing of nearsighted people is also shown to be more shallow than clear-sighted people. What is going on?
The Cure for Blur not only goes in depth as to why eyesight is blurry, but reveals true stories of people that have overcome their blurriness and how they did it and how you can too.
Did you know that nearsightedness affects different populations differently? The more strain, studying, and less sleep a group gets – the worse their eyesight is. A study of Taiwanese medical students showed that over 95% of them were nearsighted and even more by the end of medical school! Cultures that promote studying and achievement along rigid norms of success all show higher rates of nearsightedness – regardless of general other co-factors of health. On the other hand, cultures like Eskimos where there is far less reading close, have extremely low rates of nearsightedness. Although the rates of nearsightedness have been increasing in most of the world, this can be good news because it more clearly makes the case for the cause of blurry vision: stress and strain.
So here’s what’s great – myopia doesn’t have to exist at all for most people! The eyeball can assume its natural round happy shape!! All it takes is relaxation and relaxation is fun! Relaxation is healing! Relaxation is good feeling!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

10 Findings About Eyesight

I wrote a list of 10 findings about eyesight. Please comment about whether you agree or not.

1. Glasses in the form of negative lenses for nearsightedness and positive lenses for farsightedness do not lead to healing neither of a physical nor psychological nature (I am not making a distinction of the two, but mentioning both for the sake of completion).
2. People prescribed glasses for myopia typically worsen their eyesight by -0.25 diopters per year until it stabilizes in their mid 20's.
3. Tested and confirmed hypothesis - nearsightedness and farsightedness are full body conditions marked by tense necks, shoulders, backs, face, eyes, and shallow breathing.
4. Data shows people get blurry vision in times of stress and strain and not in times of joy and relaxation - very common to hear tales of trauma that occurred around the time a person had glasses, and so far unheard of to hear "everything was going great and then my vision blurred".
5. Tested and confirmed hypothesis people's eyesight changes with their relaxation and the act of straining causes blur.
6. Untested hypothesis - people that wear glasses are less comfortable IN GENERAL with dancing, sexuality, and have lower confidence.
7. Glasses, contacts, and laser surgery are more expensive than being relaxed and having clear vision.
8. Glasses, contacts, and laser surgery are counter productive to the eye returning to its natural round shape because all three methods refract light to a location behind where the retina would be as an emmetropic eye.
9. The National Institute of Health says that most myopic (nearsighted) eyes are actually healthy eyes - this supports the theory that blurry vision comes not from genetics, but from strained muscles squeezing the vitreous (the fluid filling the eyeball - 98-99% water).
10. People that remove their glasses and contacts at first frequently feel things like: being lost, confused, scared, uncomfortable, nauseous, worried, tense, strained, but also somehow able to relax more. Are those feelings that the people have subconsciously while wearing glasses? If the person knows that they will feel scared without their glasses or contacts, then how does it feel to be dependent on something to "correct" the vital sense of sight?

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pinhole Eyeglasses Work

Pinhole Eyeglasses work. They are relaxing and a great way for beginners to walk around and be able to see clearly without using lenses or squinting. It is a great way to relax because you get the visual information right to you clearly. What else is there to say? There are other frame designs like the aviators. BUt those are for lame-os (or cool people).

Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 1 of a clear e-mail inbox and outbox. NUFF SAID


Update June 27th. Here's what my inbox looks like 10 days later...


That's right! Clean and clear and under control!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Explanation of my current diet.

simple explanation of my diet:

It is the easiest simplest diet I can imagine. No cooking, no waiting, and usually no clean up.
I eat the highest quality food I can get. (my daily costs range from $0-30 a day - the recent average is $10)
I eat a minimum of my weight*20 in calories (2800 calories). I seem to function better on more calories and more food. Most everything digests very well so the more I eat the more energy and nutrients I have with which to work.
At least a pound of greens per day (lettuce, celery, spinach)
1-4 fruit meals a day usually and usually one type of delicious fruit per meal. My biggest meals are usually post work-out.
Salad is usually the last meal after I have fully satisfied my sweet seeking.
All organic.
Lots of local.
Simply satisfying.
Good water.

I sunbathe regularly
I exercise regularly both cardio and strength
I usually get as much rest as my body says it wants

athletic achievements that i feel have been through this diet:
greater flexibility
feels great to be intense (no lactic acid and easy to breathe)
25.6 miles run in a day recovered in two days and was full energy on the basketball court
biked 50 miles in a day
ran 10, walked 10, biked 10 in a day
what's special about it is that they required no motivation other than fun

so how do you do it?

stick to 1 or 2 types of fruit per day and make sure they're ripe and delicious. make sure that you get enough to meet your caloric needs at least 20 times your ideal body weight and eat at least a pound of whichever green you prefer. smile!

For More Info Read: The 80/10/10 Diet
Nutrition and Athletic Performance
Grain Damage: Rethinking the High-Starch Diet

Google Search !