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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

About Eyesight Improvement

About the Topic
The world needs people to see clearly and people need to see the world clearly. 3 out of 4 people consider sight to be their most important sense and 80% of information about the world comes through sight. There are over 1.5 billion people that are suffering from blurry vision unnecessarily. People that could be seeing clearly without glasses by following the instruction herein, otherwise claim to be blind without their glasses. Children who are experiencing great stress and sometimes terrible traumas are stuck in ways that prevent them from processing the experience and moving on. Wearing glasses and using lenses is expensive, physically harmful, and causes a feeling of disconnect from the world; it is like living through binoculars or a microscope and not really being in the world. Wearing glasses leads to staring, thus stifling the movement of the fastest twitch muscles in the body. Our eyes are meant to wander and discover the world we live in. Wearing glasses diminishes this and wearing contacts decreases oxygen flow. Neither lenses nor lasers treat the cause of blurry vision; they do not help the eyeball return to its appropriate shape and in the cases of laser surgery – the eyeball is permanently deformed. People need to know that for most cases, myopia (nearsightedness) is caused by tension and muscular mis-use – not by genetics and that’s not an irreversible condition. They need to know this so that they can improve their eyesight and feel free! Wearers of glasses and contacts all report great deals of tension – usually not just in and around the eyes, but in the neck, shoulder, and back. Breathing of nearsighted people is also shown to be more shallow than clear-sighted people. What is going on?
The Cure for Blur not only goes in depth as to why eyesight is blurry, but reveals true stories of people that have overcome their blurriness and how they did it and how you can too.
Did you know that nearsightedness affects different populations differently? The more strain, studying, and less sleep a group gets – the worse their eyesight is. A study of Taiwanese medical students showed that over 95% of them were nearsighted and even more by the end of medical school! Cultures that promote studying and achievement along rigid norms of success all show higher rates of nearsightedness – regardless of general other co-factors of health. On the other hand, cultures like Eskimos where there is far less reading close, have extremely low rates of nearsightedness. Although the rates of nearsightedness have been increasing in most of the world, this can be good news because it more clearly makes the case for the cause of blurry vision: stress and strain.
So here’s what’s great – myopia doesn’t have to exist at all for most people! The eyeball can assume its natural round happy shape!! All it takes is relaxation and relaxation is fun! Relaxation is healing! Relaxation is good feeling!

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