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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Explanation of my current diet.

simple explanation of my diet:

It is the easiest simplest diet I can imagine. No cooking, no waiting, and usually no clean up.
I eat the highest quality food I can get. (my daily costs range from $0-30 a day - the recent average is $10)
I eat a minimum of my weight*20 in calories (2800 calories). I seem to function better on more calories and more food. Most everything digests very well so the more I eat the more energy and nutrients I have with which to work.
At least a pound of greens per day (lettuce, celery, spinach)
1-4 fruit meals a day usually and usually one type of delicious fruit per meal. My biggest meals are usually post work-out.
Salad is usually the last meal after I have fully satisfied my sweet seeking.
All organic.
Lots of local.
Simply satisfying.
Good water.

I sunbathe regularly
I exercise regularly both cardio and strength
I usually get as much rest as my body says it wants

athletic achievements that i feel have been through this diet:
greater flexibility
feels great to be intense (no lactic acid and easy to breathe)
25.6 miles run in a day recovered in two days and was full energy on the basketball court
biked 50 miles in a day
ran 10, walked 10, biked 10 in a day
what's special about it is that they required no motivation other than fun

so how do you do it?

stick to 1 or 2 types of fruit per day and make sure they're ripe and delicious. make sure that you get enough to meet your caloric needs at least 20 times your ideal body weight and eat at least a pound of whichever green you prefer. smile!

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