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Sunday, July 31, 2011


Please answer these questions in the comment section I expect it will be quite revelatory.

1. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being most pleasant, how pleasant do you find breathing (please rate the next breath you take).

2. Did you find you were holding your breath?

3. Do you feel you are experiencing chronic pain that is caused by your own misuse of your body?

4. Does your neck feel free and relaxed?

5. What is your current age?

Following questions are for wearers of glasses or people that have blurry vision.

6. What's your prescription?

7. When did you get glasses?

8. Do you wear lenses for most of your waking hours?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Protein is a nutrient.

So throughout the self identifying vegan and vegetarian communities I have frequently heard that protein is irrelevant if you get enough calories and while I don't think I have seen "protein deficiencies" and see that it is not even something in relevant medical literature. I do think that the value of protein is under-represented and without too much knowledge.

I recently read a reference to a study showing that sheep given a supplement of 1 gram of cysteine daily had a 25% increase in wool production. Now that I think of it, I don't necessarily know that the a 25% increase in wool production is a good thing considering the question - is that 1 gram extra protein covering that extra wool production? If not, then it might be safe to assume that the extra cysteine is leading to an increase in overall energy expenditure on wool production - which may be undesirable and actually a bit of a trick; the sheep are used to eating the associated calories with that cysteine in order to produce the extra wool and now are doing it without the calories... but I'm just hypothesizing here.

So either way, we can see that protein can make a big difference. As a competitive athlete and person interested in great fitness I would like to know how much protein is ideal for me. I think it's possible that I'd do better on 80-90 grams instead of the world government recommended 55 grams. However, I also think it's possible I'd do better on 30 grams than 55 grams and see that protein is acidic and doesn't seem like something I want an excess of.

However, I might do better on the 80-90 grams because of the associated nutrients that come with it. I am not expecting to shift my diet to apricots in the winter because of their high protein intake. I will stay mostly seasonal (I am pretty much all local and eat bananas too). So if I decide hey 80-90 grams is a good idea, and add in two pounds a day of cabbage, spinach, or some other greens like kale I'm pretty sure I will have a host of good results from all the extra vitamins and minerals and extra joy of eating.

Sounds like a fun thing to try. The cronometer data is from yesterday. I was quite active yesterday. I played basketball for a couple hours, did a lot of handstand and walking on my hands work,  biked around quite a bit, and did yoga/taichi/martial arts. If I was going to add in another 15-25 grams of protein I could just add 2 pounds of spinach. That wouldn't be hard to eat at all. Or I could make a fatty salad of my secret recipe :P

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reducing Stress in the Workplace Part 2

Stress happens when you're not doing what you want to be doing. You know it and you see yourself doing something else and you feel a bit out of control. Does that sound right?

If it doesn't please COMMENT with your description.

If you're not doing what you want to be doing, there's a reason.

Why are you not doing what you want to be doing?

The likely answer is related to your health and fitness - probably more so your fitness than anything. I am integrated "physical" and "psychological" into the definition for fitness. There are plenty of people that could not run a mile (or think they can't.. is there a difference?) but can follow through on their goals and start businesses, write books, be creative etc... There are also plenty of people that can run many miles but can't (or think they can't) create a business, follow through on goals, etc...

Competing circuits can be hard to deal with especially when your priorities aren't straight - you are tired and want to work, you are hungry and want to work, you are hungry and there are junk food and health food available, you are feeling bad and know that you can numb yourself etc...

By first having sleep, water, exercise, and nutrition covered you put yourself in a position to only have potential stress occur in the more abstract world. Yes work and finances have a very real impact on your life and future, but not so directly and fundamentally as physical components of health. It's possible that losing your job could be a good thing, but it's  unlikely that not being hydrated is a good thing.

When you're planning or trying to make decisions, part of your analysis must involve the answer to the question:

What am I capable of?

To answer that you have your faith, your experience, your present attitude, and your present condition.

Let's talk about your present condition.

If it is past midnight and you were up at 5 am and have been working all day and not getting deeply positive feedback and didn't eat that much - don't be surprised if it's hard to make decisions about what to do. Your body's fatigue will simply be too loud for you to patiently hear your thoughts. Sometimes the reverse can be true! Sometimes the body is so tired that the mind is suddenly free from all kinds of holding patterns and fresh perspectives happen as you can no longer energize neurosis.

I took a break from writing this and had some indecision about my plans. Now that I have exercised I FEEL much better and feel much more free to make a good decision.

What if your body felt good all the time? How would that make decision making for you? How would you respond to situations that occur outside of your body then?

That's a great point! Stress can be left to be an out of body experience. Let your body function perfectly and let the stress happen in its own space. When you don't try to confine stress to your body it can float away like a balloon.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fitness Blog Post Journal: Barefoot Running, Peaches, Raisins, and More

This morning I awoke at 7 am without the use of an alarm. Well actually half the use of an alarm; I set an alarm for 7:30 and set an intention to wake up earlier on my own - that intention setting has consistently worked for me. I highly recommend trying it. Just tell yourself to wake up before your alarm and be specific if you wish and see how much nicer it is to do.

I woke up barely able to open my eyes. I had eaten a pound of raisins real late at night and perhaps under-drank so I was dehydrated a bit. After chugging the water down my eyes opened up nicely. I wasn't sure if I was going to go but my dreams foretold a nice run near many people and waterfalls. There were no waterfalls but the park I went to, Edgewood, was marvelous. I will tell more later. I ran barefoot behind two amazing ladies who are marathon runners are in their sixties and seventies. One is an anthropologist and the other a gerontologist. Quite an interesting mix now that I think of it.

We saw a beautiful pair of deer and the trail was gorgeous so many trees I really felt transported to a different place. It is amazing how different one feels surrounded by trees and seeing mountains just covered in them. I, however, spent most of the run looking out for rocks! It was a six mile run and I am feeling okay now with shoes on ;) No blisters so far and I am happy.

I tore off my shirt at one point to make some kind of protection from rocks (at around mile 5). It worked like a beautiful soft charm for a bit, but then they came off due to my poor cobbling and I soon was hobbling :) The shirt shoes retained the moisture near my feet and thus softened them (like the pruning effect from long showers/baths) so once they came off it was more painful, but by then I was near the finish of the trail.

Came back home and shared some amazing Kashiwase peaches and nectarines.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Most People Have Little Faith in Health or Healing

Think about it. If you had faith that you could heal from X or improve your fitness to Y, you would be doing what it takes to get it done and it could perhaps be already done and then faith would not be relevant because the present would show what's evident.

There are 100 million obese people. Most do not think of themselves as obese. I don't have the study on hand, but who gives an f? The people that give an f about where's the study are typically people that are essentially skeptical about healing and human potential.

Do you believe we can have a country or world where the majority of people are healthy? How can you answer this question without faith in something? You are either believing that things will "stay the same" (with little evidence suggesting this) or "get worse" (with some evidence for that, but along what time frame?). Or you say,

"Well, gee I don't know! I could get healthier! The people around me can get healthier. It's to their benefit in all ways (possibly less expensive in short run, definitely in the long run, and better feelings). Why not?"

Well, the reason I write this is because people don't realize how skeptical they really are and how infrequently they are encouraged to change for the better. All the money based media are businesses that are regulated by the government to some extent. I won't go into the depth of the extent here, but if you think about it deeply the picture gets... well... you'll see. Anyhow, businesses tend to avoid putting out information that destroys their own business. Pharmaceuticals, junk food, status symbols, and health scare insurance are big industries that do not respond well to health.

The idea that you can expect to be super healthy and that this is a top value runs counter to their bottom line. This idea CAN be effectively displayed; THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT ARE HEALTHY AND HAVE BEEN HEALTHY FOR ALL THEIR LIVES, and they are healthy because they do some things differently than others.

There's no good reason for eating junk food except lack of education and inadequate healthy stimulation. When properly motivated people will make the change. If eating healthy was understood to impact sex life to a great extent (as it does) and people realized that they could have a sex life to be impacted, this could be the key to great change.

But where's the money? Even glasses are a trillion dollar industry and the cure, relaxation does not help the manufacturers. It can put most of the eye doctors out too because they might not be relaxed at all nor know how to make their patients well... patient.

The drug companies know that they sell drugs and that their market are "sick" people (people that think they have "sickitis") and that they wish to EXPAND the market!

Part 2 coming...

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hola Personas!

1 Quiero aprender mas espanol y pienso que esto es una bien avenida para estudiar el idioma.

1 I'd like to learn more Spanish and I think that this is a good way to study the language.

2 Hay muchas palabras que necesito aprender para hablar con fluencia.

2 There Are many words I need to learn to speak fluently.

3 Me gusta que cuando hablo español, mis pensamientos son más lentos

3 I like that when I speak Spanish, my thoughts are slower.

4 Es relajante.

4 It's relaxing.

5 Hay muchas cosas que puedo hacer para estar mas relajado.

5 There are many things I can do to be more relaxed.
¿Qué se puede hacer para estar más relajado?

What can you do in order to be more relaxed?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Best Way to Accomplish Your Goals

A lot of times the best way to accomplish your goals is to do what will help make that happen.

I have a goal to go to sleep earlier. I am shutting down this computer after this post.

I have a goal to bike longer distances. Tomorrow... I RIDE.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tasks to get done. and Woops look what happened part 1

So my friend Harley posted on my recent post About Keeping an Empty Inbox and I looked over it again and saw the line about how having a bunch of unfinished tasks can be overwhelming. I have a bunch of unfinished tasks.

I have a lot of research that I want to put together in a more presentable form. I have studied nutrition for five years now and have put together loads of info that have very powerful implications.

I found mistakes in the National Academy of Sciences Recommendations for Daily Allowances. I have compared nutritional profiles of the major constituents of human diets. I have researched protein requirements in depth. Recently I've been on a tear learning about Calcium and Phosphorous and the ideal ratio. Nutritionists and governments are recommending a 1:1 ratio... but how that is possible when they also recommend grains as the foundation of diet is unthinkable given that grains have a 1:10 to a 1:15 ratio and are packing it in too. It would be one thing if 1000 calories of oats had 1 mg of calcium and 40 mgs of phosphorous because that would have a far lesser effect on total Ca:P balance.

The USDA came out with it's new food plate and here's what they recommend for adult men to eat in a day.

This is just one example. I followed their recommendations to the letter in terms of fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy, "protein", and oil. No, I did not eat this. This is actually a toned down version; they actually suggested that you could eat 6 cups of cottage cheese per day. See for yourself.

Here they say 3 cups per day http://www.choosemyplate.gov/foodgroups/dairy_amount.aspx 
And here they say 6 cups of cottage cheese = 3 cups of dairy.  http://www.choosemyplate.gov/foodgroups/dairy_counts.html

Let's look at what happens when you replace the 3 cups of nonfat milk with 6 cups of cottage cheese.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cut the random mental clutter

I have been concerned with this for a while, and ready to post about it! Once in a while I find some song in my head and I wonder, do I really want this song? Is it worth my time to sing some song like this? I wonder if the songs become potential pathways and attitudes... if you truly respect women and want to have a whole relationship, will you sing a song that refers to women as something to be used and ignored and discarded? It doesn't seem compatible.

Anyhow, I started writing this thinking about YouTube and how I hate logging in and seeing a bunch of random videos of stupid media. People that are still stuck in a mindset of conscious-less consumption and Hollywood ego worship and general subservience to propaganda over and over again.

There are so many ways to keep the mind clearer and freer (freer? free-er?). Minimalist G-mail is a great benefit - literally freeing the mind from THOUSANDS of unnecessary thoughts. How many times do you need to think "Cut your cornea with a laser for hundreds of dollars instead of buying this book and relaxing and becoming a way more awesome person to be around?"

I took off the ads from this site because even though I earned $3 and could expect to earn more :P, I don't like the idea of wasting your time with stupid thoughts like "learn how to create unhealthy fatty recipes" or "buy contacts, instead of HEALING YOUR SHIT".

So what do you think? Is it worthwhile to stop going into various websites that just have so much random information that you are not going to respond to or worse yet get sucked into and realize you're really spending your time with the web residual tentacles of a shill or a moron or master marketer of garbage?

Awesome Post on Productivity from Zen Habits

Many Days Later - Inbox Is Empty!

This is my current inbox. I am keeping it that way. I deleted and archived 200 e-mails to get it there.
If you want to clear up a lot of headspace, clear your inbox. You can archive stuff or delete it or put it into different categories. This is a stress relieving thing to do. If you want to decrease stress at work, clear up what's causing stress in the first place. A bunch of unfinished tasks can be OVERWHELMING. Sometimes they aren't even tasks anymore! Sure it can be great to clean your whole room and organize everything, but there are other methods like pouring things into a box. Think about it, if you put things into a box and then don't look to find them in 6 months, maybe you don't need them. Same thing with your e-mails from 2009. You can just archive them. They'll wait for you, but not bother you. This was largely inspired by a talk at Google called "Getting Things Done". Here's the vid for you:

Dates are a great way to keep the stress down and mental clarity high. The brain runs on sugar. Feed your brain what it WANTS.

Strengths Based Leadership

I just bought this book and am about to take the test. It tells you what your top strengths are and I've heard from others in my psychology class that it was quite effective. I've already guessed that my strengths are Input, Intellection, Self-Assuredness, Competition, and perhaps Significance, but I am not sure! See you in 35 minutes!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Upgrading the work station.

Right now I'm sitting with my face right at the window that is open wide. I have a beautiful view of the garden. And the air though hot flows. A fan would improve this situation. I will get a fan now then!

Now with the fan it is really nice. How can you improve your work station?

Friday, July 1, 2011

I stay in the present.

I find that by staying in the present I maintain my sense of discovery. The key seems to be to be very sensitive to anything not feeling great and then stopping.

After developing a breathing practice for long enough and having the philosophical idea that it is okay to always be very happy, there is less justification for feeling bad.

The only justification could be for some greater gain. So, sometimes I have felt some residual bad feelings after not respecting my desires fully. My desire is to talk to that person and I do not do it. That feels odd. It is the body rejecting fear.

Wow I feel out of touch with my subtle feelings right now. I think it was the tomatoes.

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