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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cut the random mental clutter

I have been concerned with this for a while, and ready to post about it! Once in a while I find some song in my head and I wonder, do I really want this song? Is it worth my time to sing some song like this? I wonder if the songs become potential pathways and attitudes... if you truly respect women and want to have a whole relationship, will you sing a song that refers to women as something to be used and ignored and discarded? It doesn't seem compatible.

Anyhow, I started writing this thinking about YouTube and how I hate logging in and seeing a bunch of random videos of stupid media. People that are still stuck in a mindset of conscious-less consumption and Hollywood ego worship and general subservience to propaganda over and over again.

There are so many ways to keep the mind clearer and freer (freer? free-er?). Minimalist G-mail is a great benefit - literally freeing the mind from THOUSANDS of unnecessary thoughts. How many times do you need to think "Cut your cornea with a laser for hundreds of dollars instead of buying this book and relaxing and becoming a way more awesome person to be around?"

I took off the ads from this site because even though I earned $3 and could expect to earn more :P, I don't like the idea of wasting your time with stupid thoughts like "learn how to create unhealthy fatty recipes" or "buy contacts, instead of HEALING YOUR SHIT".

So what do you think? Is it worthwhile to stop going into various websites that just have so much random information that you are not going to respond to or worse yet get sucked into and realize you're really spending your time with the web residual tentacles of a shill or a moron or master marketer of garbage?

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