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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Many Days Later - Inbox Is Empty!

This is my current inbox. I am keeping it that way. I deleted and archived 200 e-mails to get it there.
If you want to clear up a lot of headspace, clear your inbox. You can archive stuff or delete it or put it into different categories. This is a stress relieving thing to do. If you want to decrease stress at work, clear up what's causing stress in the first place. A bunch of unfinished tasks can be OVERWHELMING. Sometimes they aren't even tasks anymore! Sure it can be great to clean your whole room and organize everything, but there are other methods like pouring things into a box. Think about it, if you put things into a box and then don't look to find them in 6 months, maybe you don't need them. Same thing with your e-mails from 2009. You can just archive them. They'll wait for you, but not bother you. This was largely inspired by a talk at Google called "Getting Things Done". Here's the vid for you:

Dates are a great way to keep the stress down and mental clarity high. The brain runs on sugar. Feed your brain what it WANTS.

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