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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Most People Have Little Faith in Health or Healing

Think about it. If you had faith that you could heal from X or improve your fitness to Y, you would be doing what it takes to get it done and it could perhaps be already done and then faith would not be relevant because the present would show what's evident.

There are 100 million obese people. Most do not think of themselves as obese. I don't have the study on hand, but who gives an f? The people that give an f about where's the study are typically people that are essentially skeptical about healing and human potential.

Do you believe we can have a country or world where the majority of people are healthy? How can you answer this question without faith in something? You are either believing that things will "stay the same" (with little evidence suggesting this) or "get worse" (with some evidence for that, but along what time frame?). Or you say,

"Well, gee I don't know! I could get healthier! The people around me can get healthier. It's to their benefit in all ways (possibly less expensive in short run, definitely in the long run, and better feelings). Why not?"

Well, the reason I write this is because people don't realize how skeptical they really are and how infrequently they are encouraged to change for the better. All the money based media are businesses that are regulated by the government to some extent. I won't go into the depth of the extent here, but if you think about it deeply the picture gets... well... you'll see. Anyhow, businesses tend to avoid putting out information that destroys their own business. Pharmaceuticals, junk food, status symbols, and health scare insurance are big industries that do not respond well to health.

The idea that you can expect to be super healthy and that this is a top value runs counter to their bottom line. This idea CAN be effectively displayed; THERE ARE PEOPLE THAT ARE HEALTHY AND HAVE BEEN HEALTHY FOR ALL THEIR LIVES, and they are healthy because they do some things differently than others.

There's no good reason for eating junk food except lack of education and inadequate healthy stimulation. When properly motivated people will make the change. If eating healthy was understood to impact sex life to a great extent (as it does) and people realized that they could have a sex life to be impacted, this could be the key to great change.

But where's the money? Even glasses are a trillion dollar industry and the cure, relaxation does not help the manufacturers. It can put most of the eye doctors out too because they might not be relaxed at all nor know how to make their patients well... patient.

The drug companies know that they sell drugs and that their market are "sick" people (people that think they have "sickitis") and that they wish to EXPAND the market!

Part 2 coming...

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