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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reducing Stress in the Workplace Part 2

Stress happens when you're not doing what you want to be doing. You know it and you see yourself doing something else and you feel a bit out of control. Does that sound right?

If it doesn't please COMMENT with your description.

If you're not doing what you want to be doing, there's a reason.

Why are you not doing what you want to be doing?

The likely answer is related to your health and fitness - probably more so your fitness than anything. I am integrated "physical" and "psychological" into the definition for fitness. There are plenty of people that could not run a mile (or think they can't.. is there a difference?) but can follow through on their goals and start businesses, write books, be creative etc... There are also plenty of people that can run many miles but can't (or think they can't) create a business, follow through on goals, etc...

Competing circuits can be hard to deal with especially when your priorities aren't straight - you are tired and want to work, you are hungry and want to work, you are hungry and there are junk food and health food available, you are feeling bad and know that you can numb yourself etc...

By first having sleep, water, exercise, and nutrition covered you put yourself in a position to only have potential stress occur in the more abstract world. Yes work and finances have a very real impact on your life and future, but not so directly and fundamentally as physical components of health. It's possible that losing your job could be a good thing, but it's  unlikely that not being hydrated is a good thing.

When you're planning or trying to make decisions, part of your analysis must involve the answer to the question:

What am I capable of?

To answer that you have your faith, your experience, your present attitude, and your present condition.

Let's talk about your present condition.

If it is past midnight and you were up at 5 am and have been working all day and not getting deeply positive feedback and didn't eat that much - don't be surprised if it's hard to make decisions about what to do. Your body's fatigue will simply be too loud for you to patiently hear your thoughts. Sometimes the reverse can be true! Sometimes the body is so tired that the mind is suddenly free from all kinds of holding patterns and fresh perspectives happen as you can no longer energize neurosis.

I took a break from writing this and had some indecision about my plans. Now that I have exercised I FEEL much better and feel much more free to make a good decision.

What if your body felt good all the time? How would that make decision making for you? How would you respond to situations that occur outside of your body then?

That's a great point! Stress can be left to be an out of body experience. Let your body function perfectly and let the stress happen in its own space. When you don't try to confine stress to your body it can float away like a balloon.

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