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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Protein Discussion

So I ate 4580 calories today and got 57 grams of protein. Is that enough? I'm 5'8.5'' around 141ish. Now I know that I'm exceeding the WHO's recommendation of .83 grams per kilogram, but I am WAY more active. I balled hard today. And am very active mentally and am working on handstand pushups and it is WORK.

Most trainers would say I need more protein. Maybe it's not much more. Maybe I don't need more protein at all. But the fact that I can eat 4580 calories and still just be at 57 grams is something worth considering for others, because a lot of people wouldn't eat 4500 calories.

Others can be used to getting a certain amount of strength building/muscle building exercise without that much cardio. If that person wants to eat their regular amount of calories on this diet, it wouldn't provide their protein needs.

Now I don't want a bunch of people saying blah blah blah protein is a myth. Or blah blahh blah enzymes. Or blah blah blah look at this guy where we don't know how much protein he's eating or better yet we do and know it's a lot.

The fact that 4500 calories of food might only provide 57 grams of protein is a good explanation as to why many raw fruiters are not large muscled... because they're... not getting enough protein! So many people are getting say 3,000 calories and are pretty active but are skinny. Are they skinny because they are working out so much or are they skinny because they don't have the protein to put on muscle? Do you think they'd be more muscled if they ate another 10 grams of protein per day? I think they would use that protein and build muscle with it.

If you've got a bunch of money scrimping/poor people trying this diet and they're eating 3-4,000 calories it is quite possible they're getting much less than 60 grams of protein per day. Possibly much less when they haven't learned to eat their greens.

Obviously we should eat our greens, but for some people they are thinking they can "listen to their body" or wait till they "crave greens" but hey guess what, how many people are going to spend $12 a day to buy 2 pounds of spinach? How many people will spend $20 to buy 5 pounds of tomatoes?

So yeah think about it. I am not saying go burn some beans or slit some throats. But consider the possibility that you would do better to get some more protein whether it comes with another load of energy from carbs or not.

Also, consider that not all fruit and veggies were created equal. The date and banana based diet is a lower protein diet. Dates have 2% bananas have what 4%? This can be perfect if you're hitting the exact amount of protein you need and able to sustain whateverwonderfully massive amounts of activity you like, but maybe it's not enough.

Some people, it seems, have lifestyles not compatible with expending great amounts of energy. HA! That's bullshit in my perspective  because everyone finds the time to be online or watch tv, but I will say that when your life is bullshit and you're spending 40 hours doing something you don't want, you probably don't have the mental willpower or whatever to exercise more when you're thinking "waa I don't have time"

OKay. I have probably ruffled enough feathers. Looking forward to some enlightening discussion.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Working on Goals

   So here're some of my fitness goals.   
I don't have a timeframe for the accomplishment, but hey how about I make one now. I say 1.5 years for the marathon goal. 7 months for the 5 minute mile. 3-4-5 months for the gymnastic legs in the air thing. Basically a month for the handstand pushup (really as soon as I get caught up on rest). No idea how long it will take me to get the fundamentals down of shooting. And surfing hmmm soon after I get to San Diego!

I REALLY enjoyed drawing my goals. I will use that approach for the future and share with ya!

What are your drawing goals?

"Listening to your body" | How to eat healthier | A day's food for another Raw Fooder

This photo shows what was eaten in a day. The carrot juice was actually made fresh but the bottles represent the amount that was consumed. Does that look like too much to eat? Doesn't it all look healthy? Yes it does.

One thing that is important and a valuable tool in dieting is... eat the healthy food first. If there is something you're sure is healthy for you because you both know that it's a nutritionally sound choice and you know that your body will feel good while eating it and after eating it, then eat it!

A lot of times people are using the wrong approach.  They are feeling their stomachs and searching their mind for what will be the most exciting experience. A lot of people say "listen to your body" but guess what, if you get a drug habit, guess what your body will tell you if you listen, probably something like "gimme the drugs!"

Well, believe it or not, even foods as simple as baked potatoes or slices of bread can have the same effect. I have seen it in myself and in others and if you want to go into the science of measurement and such there are things called "starch opiates", as well as the simple explanation with regards to exciting experience.

You can confirm this for yourself. So this is why "listening to your body" might not be the best way. Also, you have to be clear on what you're listening to. In my experience with going off the raw food wagon and eating potatoes, my body would say things like:

*I'm needing to sweat to the point of drenching my shirt now that I'm playing basketball
*I'm needing to emit some sourish smell from my armpits for some reason
*I'm needing to increase the amount of mucus in my nose


*Despite all these harms that can prevent a lot of important things like positive intimate interactions because I smell bad, my body is saying "give me more" in an insatiable way. I would eat 10 pounds a day and could still eat more.

So think about that with regards to listening to your body. Are you listening just when you're hungry? Or are you listening after? If you start to listen to your body after you eat maybe you'll get a different idea of what to eat...

But you still need to try different things. How are you going to know that your primate physiology is optimized for ripe fruit and tender greens if you don't try it?

Here's a neat simple recipe I made that everyone loved:

Raisin Peach Pie

I blended organic raisins (around 350 grams) and a bit of water in my vita-mix blender. If you're interested in a vita-mix someday, please buy it through my link here - https://secure.vitamix.com/?COUPON=06-006561&store=1. And then I put some lettuce on the bottom and sliced organic nectarines, pluots, and peaches throughout. YUM.

Friday, August 26, 2011

How to become black

So Eliana was giving me feedback on my blog and she saw the post about black people being 4 times more relaxed than white people and asked the obvious question... "So... how do you become black?"

Well my e-books do not teach you how to become black in those terms, but they will teach you methods that will allow you to find a lot more freedom in your movement and being.

Dancing, expressing yourself, relaxing, breathing better, being more available to love, having more strength because you waste less energy STRESSING OUT ABOUT NOTHING!

Buy it now. Your quality of life depends on your relaxation.


You can check now. Scan your body for tension. Imagine how much better you'd feel if that tension was released and resolved.

Are you SUPER comfortable sitting now?

Or are you hunched over like an arthritic old man?

Improve Your Eyesight Today

I will be re-working my books to market direct to people interested in relaxation, stress relief,  and emotional processing.

Beautiful Raw Food Recipe

Wow. Raspberries+Bananas Blended. So beautiful. A lady named J. from Germany posted this on the forum and I just had to ask if I could put this photo up because it is nice and mouth watering.

That's real food there with all your nutrition enclosed. Fruit is FOOD not just a snack or filler. Fruit can be the main course every time.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Do you watch tv? Movies? Youtube?

Do you watch video media? Do you watch anything that has violence in it? How do you react when you see it?

Would you like to be the type of person that doesn't react at all when you see violence? The type that laughs? The type that enjoys?

Well, if you pay attention to the body a lot of times the sympathetic nervous system is getting activated - the fight or flight mechanism. So you see a fight are you thinking, oh no people are fighting I should get out of here or I should help in the fight - either way your body is getting ready for action. That action is not compatible with digesting.

So next time, pay attention and let me know.

- David

Friday, August 19, 2011

Please Relax and Be Beautiful

So I'm on forums with many people with different attitudes and some are women who clearly have a lot of identification issues with weight and some ideal number or something like that.

Please don't do that! Please relax and be at home as you and focus on your good feeling center and letting that guide your outward movement and receptivity.

When you are relaxed you relax others. When you relax others you can connect. When you connect in relaxation, love happens.

Why focus on weight? It is some kind of ignorant judgment.  What if you achieve your weight goal, will you relax then? There is so much beauty in a face. A relaxed happy face. Your face connects with the face of your lover.

If you want to be sexy, be capable of bearing child. If you are rail thin that doesn't inspire me to think you're capable of bearing child. There's an evolutionary clarity to that. If you couldn't survive a famine for even 5 days, how could you take care of a child too? Having an extra 10-20 pounds of healthy fat is a nice bank account!

Being big doesn't mean being weak, flabby, or ugly. There are some big strong women and there are also big fun women. There are big flexible women. There are small big women. Women that are still petite or average height, but just not "thin". "Thin" does not sound like a good descriptive word at all. Thin is like weak. I am not attracted to weak women. I am attracted to receptive, strong, vivacious women.

I don't think many men prefer super thin women. So close your eyes and imagine feeling your most attractive self and let yourself feel what that would be.

Invariably, in time I think you'll find your imagination will lead you to your healthiest happiest self. There's a nice range that has different forms and functions. Pick well rounded. :)

- David

About Me

I'd like to give a brief biography so that people can get an idea about me. So people can get a quick peak to understand my diet and exercise and general level of health (if there is such a thing).

I was born in 1985.

I eat organic food. On most days more than 3,000 calories. I am quite physically active. Averaging more than 8 hours a week of intense basketball. I am a hustle player. I am the first one on defense and many times on offense. I am the one who is ready to play anyone one on one at the end of a couple hours where everyone else is tired and done. I have run 25 miles in a day. I have biked 50 miles in a day (this wasn't a big deal). I do not get sick. I do not get headaches. I am typically happy high energy. I also love singing, dancing, and playing music.

Please add any questions or comments as to what you'd like to know about a person writing a health/nutrition type blog.

I also can add that I made much of my changes gradually. I became aware that pesticides and junk food were not healthful additions nor necessary so chose other things again and again. YOU CAN CHOOSE HEALTHY OPTIONS.

- David

Thursday, August 18, 2011

There's more to the story...

So there's much more to the story about Acid/Alkaline balance and Ca:P ratio. One thing that's interesting is the absorbability of Ca or P from various sources. It is different! So just because you're consuming 1000 mgs of P doesn't mean you absorb that much and same for Ca.

There are many factors and measurements that can and perhaps need to be made to come down with some super accurate answers.

However, are you really interested to know how much P and Ca you're absorbing?

I think that you're probably more interested in how to feel good. How to avoid runny noses, headaches, bad breath, tooth aches, and bone breaks. How to have more energy. How to be more flexible. How to feel AMAZING. 

It is likely there's some very basic element in life that is simply not optimized at a simple level of change:
  • Spending time online instead of sleeping
  • Sitting on a chair instead of on a Gaiam Balance Ball Chair (Black) 
  • Staying indoors instead of going outside and sunbathing
  • Being alone excessively instead of with friends/loved ones
  • Not making love
  • Not doing what you need to do in order to FEEL you are a contribution.
  • Not doing what it takes to grow
  • Not exercising enough (or too much)
  • Eating the wrong foods and too much or too little. 
There are other elements, but that list I think is fairly comprehensive.

See, we don't necessarily need research but need to act on the knowledge we already have and make the change. Sometimes it's hard to make a change. Sometimes it's easy. Sometimes it's hard and then reveals itself to be the easiest most wonderful thing. 

That all said. I think that knowing about Ca:P ratio and balance is important because it is a key to demonstrating the importance of a fruit based diet and perhaps even the medical necessity of it, in order to follow through on equations of health.

IF it is true that maintaining a Ca:P balance is vital for proper health, and it is true that the only way to do that is through a fruit based diet, then that would make a quite clear case for the fruit based diet beyond simply having more energy, feeling better, etc..

I do not think it is possible to maintain Ca:P balance on a diet of 3,000 calories+ without going fruit based. There are a limit of available choices for the foundation of carbohydrate in the diet. Grains, beans, vegetables and fruits. You will see that the only viable source of significant calories that have a Ca:P ratio that doesn't heavily favor P are fruits.

Government Lies or Makes a Terrible Bone Breaking Mistake

SUMMARY: Government Industry Funded Lies Are Breaking Bones

God it's brutal bad.

So this is from the Recommended Dietary Allowances from 1989. This is from the Institute of Medicine, National Academy of Sciences, and so forth. This gets referenced by the USDA. This is like "the" document for nutritional recommendations at the top level of US government. Verstehen? (Verstehen = "Understand" in German).

Okay now, as you probably don't know, nutritionists recommend maintaining a balance of Calcium and Phosphorus in the diet. And they recommend favoring Calcium. Why?

  • Calcium is alkaline and Phosphorous is acidic and the body thrives as alkaline (7.4 ph) and would die if it became acidic.
  • Phosphorus is easily absorbed and Calcium is less easily absorbed.
  • "Having too much phosphorus in the body is actually more common and more worrisome than having too little. Too much phosphorus is generally caused by kidney disease or by consuming too much dietary phosphorus and not enough dietary calcium. As the amount of phosphorus you eat rises, so does the need for calcium. The delicate balance between calcium and phosphorus is necessary for proper bone density and prevention of osteoporosis." http://www.umm.edu/altmed/articles/phosphorus-000319.htm
  • "Too much phosphate (phosphorus) can be toxic. It can cause diarrhea and calcification (hardening) of organs and soft tissue, and can interfere with the body's ability to use iron, calcium, magnesium, and zinc." http://www.umm.edu/altmed/articles/phosphorus-000319.htm

Now read this carefully

"Nutritionists recommend a balance of calcium and phosphorus in the diet. The typical Western diet, however, contains roughly 2 - 4 times more phosphorus than calcium. Meat and poultry contain 10 - 20 times as much phosphorus as calcium, and carbonated beverages such as colas have as much as 500 mg of phosphorus in one serving. When there is more phosphorus than calcium in the body, the body will use calcium stored in bones. This can cause osteoporosis (brittle bones) and lead to gum and teeth problems. A balance of dietary calcium and phosphorus can lower the risk of osteoporosis."


Okay so quick summary, too much phosphorus = bad, and it is supposed to be balanced with Ca. If you read the RDA's or check out this government site http://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/calcium/#h2 you will see that the RDA's http://www.nap.edu/catalog.php?record_id=1349 mention that balance of Ca and P is important.

Now it's also important to realize that the balance is a molar ratio. A molar ratio basically means that it's balancing them atom to atom, not gram to gram. 

Molar mass (molecular weight) of Ca is 40.0784 g/mol
Molar mass (molecular weight) of P is 30.9738 g/mol

So 40.0784g/mol:30.9738g/mol = a 1:1 ratio of Ca:P 

In other words, if you have 800 milligrams of Calcium and 800 milligrams of Phosphorus is that balanced? No. It favors P.

If you have 800 Ca and 700 P is that balanced? No. But not because it favors Ca. It favors P.

For 800 Ca to be balanced, P has to be as low as 618 milligrams.

Meaning, if you have 800 Ca and 625 milligrams P, that is a ratio FAVORING P.

The nutritionists, government, and doctors are all saying the ratio ought to favor Ca. They say it should because of the danger of osteoporosis. They say that when you have more P than Ca, Calcium is literally leeched out of your bones. Wow! This sounds important! I would like to have a Ca:P ratio that is balanced so that I can keep my bone strength! Now I recently also read that load bearing exercise is vital for this. I will talk about it later but basically the textbook is saying that your bones need to be worked to maintain calcium (it's not just like bones are somewhere in between wood and rocks and just stay the way they are).

Anyhow, okay so let's get Ca favored in the diet, now how should we do that? Well the page I'm showing reveals that they are completely ignorant of the Ca:P ratios in many fruit, because here's what the direct quotation is "Only milk, natural cheeses, green leafy vegetables, and bone contain more calcium than phosphorous."

What? ONLY? I'm sorry did they not look at the profile of Figs? Did they not look at the profile of Papaya? That beats the tits off milk. How about... ORANGES.
Papaya contains 24 mgs of Ca for every 5 mgs of P.

Oranges contain 43:23
Figs contain 35:14

Fix your shit National Academy Press.

Complete ridiculousness. That's not the end of it. Want to read more?

Donate $3 and I will send you my Beta Version PDF.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Benefits of Skin Brushing with CPT Kevin Park

Kevin Park is a friend and Certified Personal Trainer out of B.C. Canada and in this video he shares about skin brushing. I recommend subscribing to his channel on youtube, because you can expect a lot more quality health advice as he continues to teach and learn. I skin brush as well and find it quite invigorating and clearing.

Check out his site at http://wildbodywellness.com 
He's available for consultations. I've consulted with him before and found him to be very efficient, helpful, and professional.

- David

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Why Cold Showers Can Alleviate Symptoms of Depression and Even Maybe "Cure"

"Cure" is in quotation marks because THERE ARE NO CURES unless you are an MD and prescribe a pill for it! I repeat, the only cures have pills for them. All right, now back to the main event.

So I took a shower today, which I do from time to time, and went for a totally cold shower at the end (no hot water at all). I stood still instead of doing the eep eep eep humina humina humina routine while running in place. While breathing and noticing how different it feels to be so cold.

Do you identify with your body heat? I think we do. I think that we start to feel like different people given different temperatures. If you take a cold shower, a drastic shift in your sense of self happens as you become cold. The parts of your body that you are used to identifying as you no longer give off the familiar heat and you are left with cold. Your breathing changes and soon as you exit the shower you are invigorated and the heat is returning to you. Much of the heat is directly returning to you through your doing.

It is important that it is your doing because that provides a direct empowerment. You are seeing yourself improve your situation directly through obvious intrinsic action. It makes sense to dry yourself off with the towel and you do it and feel yourself doing it and notice how much better that makes you feel.

It might not seem like such a big deal to dry yourself off with a towel and warm up and put on clean clothes, but for someone in a depressive slump, that can make a world of difference. Depressive slumps are characterized by long periods of not really doing anything significant or at least not feeling any significance in what's being done. Of course many times depressives are self-labeling and generalizing depression to a long period of a varied experience.

They may always answer "yes" to being depressed in questionnaires in the context of psychological evaluations, but when you catch them laughing or smiling or watching some comedy they can not say that in the moment when they laugh or smile they are depressed.

Yet... perhaps there's something more when looking at a broader view than the present moment.

But wait can we really do that?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Home Made Fruit Leather: How to Make it.

 Peach + Nectarine

Oh yum. This one's fun. I went to the market and bought the over-ripe (perfectly ripe) fruit (peaches, apricots, and nectarines) for a nice discount. Chopped off the bad bits. Blended a couple blenders full of good bits, poured it on wax paper sitting on the dehydrator tray... and one sunny day later... yummy.

 The rest I ate, refrigerated, and froze. You can pay $3.49 for 10 ounces of frozen organic peaches... or you can pay $1 for 2 pounds of organic peaches...

If you live somewhere with inconsistent sun or no space... consider the Excalibur.

Excalibur 3900 Deluxe Series 9 Tray Food Dehydrator - Black

Further Instructions

Banana based fruit leather is REALLY good. Bananas are one of those lovely fruits you can frequently buy for wonderful prices. Just take the ripe ones and blend them and pour them on your tray. Thinner is faster. If you pour too thick you might not get leather and will have some kind of disaster.

Experiment! But abide by proper fruit combining rules.

If you want to get wild, add celery.

There's a RIDICULOUS recipe you can make with these wraps.

Latest Video. Is there a correlation between not eating fruit and being fat?

68% are overweight (or obese) and 68% eat less than 2 pieces of fruit a day.

Want to join the 32% with normal weight? Eat more fruit.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

At least throw some seeds on dirt.

You don't have to plant a tree every day, but you can at least throw your seeds onto the dirt or compost so that the seeds can get back there. It is fun to play with seeds. Many times they grow.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Upcoming Interview with long term Raw Fruitist (Foodist) Andrew Perlot

Andrew Perlot runs one of the best raw food information sites on the web and has been eating a truly 100% raw food diet since 2007. I have talked to him from time to time on 30bananasaday.com. We talked for just twenty minutes, but I gleaned a ton of great information that I'm happy to share with you here.

Apart from his website that features a variety of articles on health and raw food, Andrew Perlot has also done a significant amount of work with clients offering consultations that maximize efficiency and minimize dependency.

"Diet is not that complicated, after an hour or two they've got it. They don't need me after that."

He cannot legally claim to cure anything, but he provides dietary information that's tailored to individuals conditions and if they follow it their conditions tend to disappear. He personally overcame colitis through his dietary choices and has helped others with a variety of conditions including Type 2 Diabetes.

The clients were able to reverse diabetes that had lasted for 2-3 years in two weeks.

"They don't have to take medication anymore they don't have to take insulin... they just have to change what they are eating."

Andrew says, "There are a lot of reasons why people desire unhealthy foods, and some of them are physical in the sense that there's an addiction that will go away if they simply don't eat the food anymore. For instance, grain products contain opioids and they addict your brain. It's a mild addiction compared to a drug, but when people are saying they're craving bread... they're probably not wrong. Granted, you could really cut down on that desire by seeing that you have enough carbohydrates and such but at the end of the day there's a chemical element at play."

Andrew Talks About the Emotional Connections to Food and Provides an Example of What He Did to Move Past Addictions

"There're a lot of mental connections that are at play and working on altering those is important.

I loved a lot of cooked foods when I was overweight and had colitis. One of the things I found was that beyond any physical hunger I had, were emotional attachments. My mom and I would go out for pancakes slathered with syrup and I loved that food. I had an emotional attachment to that food and I realized very easily that I loved that food and it didn't love me back. It would sit in my stomach like a rock and it was one of those elements that really bothered my colitis.

I did a meditation where I tore the foods that didn't love me back off their pedestals. I thought of them as emotionally good but they were hurting me and when you start to be realistic about how a food is hurting you and realizing that even though you love a food it doesn't love you back because its damaging your body that kind of realism can help you tear it off the pedestal you've placed it on."

I really liked his way of describing things when he says "be realistic" about food. Can we all get real about what we eat?

Click here to visit Andrew Perlot.

How to relieve stress and tension at work (and anywhere else)

If you have been stressed at work or in any other situation, this video ought to help you with at least a couple concepts that you can work with to find relief, release, and feel much better.

This video is a discussion of various elements in stress relief. Attention to breathing and posture are helpful. The end of the video has a bit of a guided relaxation and meditation. More soon.

- David

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Napa Cabbage Recipe

Really Simple.

Napa Cabbage, chop it up, squeeze a bunch of lemon on it. Let it sit on it for 30 minutes plus and then eat it.

Eat for Strength Before Stimulus

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Calorie Restriction is Not Sexy.

I posted this at 30bananasaday.com over here - http://www.30bananasaday.com/forum/topics/calorie-restriction-is-not-sexy There might be more of a conversation there if you want to jump in.

Here it is: Calorie Restriction is Not Sexy.

If you are concerned about the amount of fuel you're putting in your body and want to avoid being high energy and think that men or women are just attracted to heroine using stick figures, consider your biology for a second.

If you eat 1,200 calories a day to follow the example of some hollyweird celebrity who is having apparent "success with starvation", simply consider the energetics of the equation.

1,200 calories of gas in per day = 1,200 energy units to use that day. That's not much! Every unit of energy you add is another unit of energy you can use. You could go out! You could go dancing, you could just resonate a big attractive energy because you have it! It's hard to fake being high energy! It's better to BE high energy and SEE what happens.

How are you planning on meeting your dream man? By just being really thin and tired so that you won't seem like a challenge to pick up on?

"Hello I have low self-esteem and am starving to death and depression and there's no way I could handle pregnancy, want to _____ me? Me love you short time."

High positive energy with a nice face beats all. Cleanliness, Health, and Happiness are very attractive qualities. Having clear expansive energy is only possible through deep self-esteem and psychological clarity. If you are afraid of getting fat to the point where your health is suffering from not eating enough, then it's walking on egg shells and living a life of constant torment. How are you going to avoid your fear?

It's not fun to be scared about getting your needs met. If you are acting scared to eat you are literally acting scared of life.


You can let yourself go BUCKWILD with fruits and vegetables. If you are hungry enough to eat fruit or vegetables, they will do good for you on all levels. Shamelessly binging on health food = having a voracious appetite for life = sexy.

A girl that doesn't eat has lower physiological attractiveness. MAYBE by having some model-ish looks you can appeal to some vague sexy-money-druggy-fashion-slutty-bitchy paradigm that some macho-money-car-clothes-porno-closet-homo man will follow because of monkey see monkey do mentality.

So what is the other side?

The other side is about planning for a life full of play. A life where you can run around everyday. Where you can dance, make love, be creative, take on natural stresses, and dream big and follow through too. Where you can do all the work you need to do and then some. You can do this when you follow the steps and drop the fear of eating. Now, that said, I have been relatively active all my life and considered myself high energy all my life too, though now when I look back and notice the differences it is astounding.

However, I can see the differences very clearly when one day I drink less water or eat less food; my performance may not obviously suffer, but my longevity will. Water and food are essential. I do believe in magic and people being able to do amazing things like the Saints seem to do, but I am also a fan of practical predictability.

It is simply practical to put in as much fuel in the tank to cover the trip you want to take. Want to go 4 many miles? Put in the gas. Don't try to drive 100 miles on half a gallon. In fact, don't just fill up the 3-5 gallons you need to cover the 100 miles, fill up so that you can get there and back and more if you can. My car has never complained about having a full tank of gas inside. The weight of 16 gallons is not significant. My body also has never complained because I ate 4-6,000 calories. In fact, it just said hey David, let's run a marathon today just for fun and because I think we can do it today and then I did and it was great.

Yes, my bodyweight has fluctuated. Yes fruit is real food and energy that can be stored as fat. However, every single time I ate and drank more than before I had more energy and endurance than before and stronger energy. I expect that will be the same for others. Get your fitness up. Think about other animals and what works for them. None of them calorie restrict. Caloric restriction may make sense when you're eating foods that have too much protein, selenium, or phosphorous so you are better off not eating much of them, but when it comes to what we've evolved to consume and that have much fiber and water associated, don't worry about it your body will let you know with ease when it's time to stop because you won't be addicted. As of yet I have still not seen an obese fruit-based eater. There are some fruit eaters that weigh more than others and they are not less attractive for it my eyes.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to go raw. Part 2.

So when I said in Part 1 the way to go raw is to meet your needs through raw food, you probably thought, "well duh that's not helpful," and hopefully you realized that the reason why that might not be helpful is because...

You don't know what your needs are.

You don't know:

How many calories to eat.
How much protein you need.
How much fat you need.
How much calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, vitamins a,b,c,d,e
How the nutrients should end up proportionally (Calcium:Phosphorous Ratio, Omega fat ratio, etc...)

You also don't know

How many calories are in the various foods you eat or don't eat
How to track your food intake
How to shop
How to store food
How to eat food that isn't "stimulating"
How to differentiate between toxic hunger and true hunger
How to process the emotions you've been stuffing down with food

You also might not know WHY do it in the first place!

While you're waiting for the next posts and products to come, I urge you to check out the youtube pages of Matt Warner, Kevin Park, and Chris Kendall. These men are rocking it. Each have unique backgrounds in health, personal training, and nutrition and lifestyle approach.

How to go raw.

Want to "go raw"?

Here's how in one step - Meet your nutritional needs through the consumption of raw food.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Are you resisting what's best, better, or just plain good?

I was just thinking about something - a common excuse for not doing something is "not feeling like doing it". Perhaps you haven't made the choice to try out a raw diet because you don't feel like eating fruit. Perhaps you tried it but didn't feel like eating the quantities necessary and felt like a smoothie simply didn't make you feel the way a burrito or pizza makes you feel and you felt like you wanted to feel like the burrito. Perhaps you know going to bed is great for you, but you don't feel like doing it so you don't and then the next night the same thing happens and you pretty much have a pattern of staying up late.

What if you can't rely on your feel all the time like that?

What if you KNOW that sometimes your feel is leading you the wrong way. You feel a strong urge for one thing or an urge against something else.

It was a great aha moment to realize that I don't need to identify with my urges especially the questionable ones.

You need to know a bit about food and nutrition in order to make good decisions. The more you know the better decisions you can make. People suggest broadly "oh just listen to your body" the issue with that is that how often will the body tell you to eat something you've never had? How often will your body tell you to go shop at a market that actually has great produce?

I actually have an optimistic answer which is, I believe if a person actually listens to their insides they will find wonderful surprises. But I need feedback from a variety of people to find that out. I need feedback from someone who's been eating junkfood up until now and see what they eat or don't eat (and for how long :) when they deeply listen to their bodies, Yet at the same time, we simply live in a different climate and environment than our physiologies are ready for. We are the naked ape. We are hairless we are not designed for cold places. We can design our world to make it work, but naked simply it doesn't. If we are living outside of our natural environment, how can we expect to just wing it and think that we'll naturally get by right.

Then once money comes into the picture things change too. If you're feeling like it, are you willing to spend $50 on tomatoes for one day because you feel like eating 10 pints? If you feel like it are you willing to eat $20 worth of cucumbers or $40 of watermelon?

Are you willing to order 5 servings of rice at a restaurant? Who even gets satisfied at restaurants ever? I could always eat everything. How is that being natural or listening to your body?

When you're eating junk food what does your body say? Doesn't it just say "MORE! MORE MORE!"

And isn't that just wrong? Don't you know and then usually control yourself and stop it and feel somewhat unsatisfied but divert attention from that and then probably check out from bodily feelings?

It seems the cycle is unsatisfied->binge->detox->binge. Eating foods that your body knows how to regulate makes this a non-issue. You eat a perfectly boring meal and can be perfectly physiologically satisfied. You move on and SMILE WIDE. You eat an exciting razmatazz meal you are unsatisfied digestion is impaired and you probably overpaid.

Think about it.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Fossil Fuel Free Week

This past week has been fossil fuel free (for my transportation). I have been biking and walking and running exclusively. I got a bike trailer that I found the day at a serendipitous synchronistic time and finally hooked it up a couple weeks ago and now go to the farmer's markets in STYLE :) (:

Been waking up much earlier. Today I awoke at 3:37 (went back to sleep) but yeah was up and about around 8 am. That might not mean much to you but I have been sleeping till 11 for some time. Maybe it was reading about how morning light increases testosterone production and something about "luteinization" I didn't look into luteinization much but I know that lutein has to do with eyesight and that my eyesight is typically super sharp when I'm up early mornings.

Well, better get ready for bed.

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