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Friday, August 19, 2011

About Me

I'd like to give a brief biography so that people can get an idea about me. So people can get a quick peak to understand my diet and exercise and general level of health (if there is such a thing).

I was born in 1985.

I eat organic food. On most days more than 3,000 calories. I am quite physically active. Averaging more than 8 hours a week of intense basketball. I am a hustle player. I am the first one on defense and many times on offense. I am the one who is ready to play anyone one on one at the end of a couple hours where everyone else is tired and done. I have run 25 miles in a day. I have biked 50 miles in a day (this wasn't a big deal). I do not get sick. I do not get headaches. I am typically happy high energy. I also love singing, dancing, and playing music.

Please add any questions or comments as to what you'd like to know about a person writing a health/nutrition type blog.

I also can add that I made much of my changes gradually. I became aware that pesticides and junk food were not healthful additions nor necessary so chose other things again and again. YOU CAN CHOOSE HEALTHY OPTIONS.

- David


Arbee said...

what are your aspirations? where do you see yourself in 5 years? (healthwise, spiritual-wise, setting-wise?) lol

what are you doing now to attain them?

David Hestrin said...

Thanks Arbee :) The question is a good one and I will do my best to answer it :)

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