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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Are you resisting what's best, better, or just plain good?

I was just thinking about something - a common excuse for not doing something is "not feeling like doing it". Perhaps you haven't made the choice to try out a raw diet because you don't feel like eating fruit. Perhaps you tried it but didn't feel like eating the quantities necessary and felt like a smoothie simply didn't make you feel the way a burrito or pizza makes you feel and you felt like you wanted to feel like the burrito. Perhaps you know going to bed is great for you, but you don't feel like doing it so you don't and then the next night the same thing happens and you pretty much have a pattern of staying up late.

What if you can't rely on your feel all the time like that?

What if you KNOW that sometimes your feel is leading you the wrong way. You feel a strong urge for one thing or an urge against something else.

It was a great aha moment to realize that I don't need to identify with my urges especially the questionable ones.

You need to know a bit about food and nutrition in order to make good decisions. The more you know the better decisions you can make. People suggest broadly "oh just listen to your body" the issue with that is that how often will the body tell you to eat something you've never had? How often will your body tell you to go shop at a market that actually has great produce?

I actually have an optimistic answer which is, I believe if a person actually listens to their insides they will find wonderful surprises. But I need feedback from a variety of people to find that out. I need feedback from someone who's been eating junkfood up until now and see what they eat or don't eat (and for how long :) when they deeply listen to their bodies, Yet at the same time, we simply live in a different climate and environment than our physiologies are ready for. We are the naked ape. We are hairless we are not designed for cold places. We can design our world to make it work, but naked simply it doesn't. If we are living outside of our natural environment, how can we expect to just wing it and think that we'll naturally get by right.

Then once money comes into the picture things change too. If you're feeling like it, are you willing to spend $50 on tomatoes for one day because you feel like eating 10 pints? If you feel like it are you willing to eat $20 worth of cucumbers or $40 of watermelon?

Are you willing to order 5 servings of rice at a restaurant? Who even gets satisfied at restaurants ever? I could always eat everything. How is that being natural or listening to your body?

When you're eating junk food what does your body say? Doesn't it just say "MORE! MORE MORE!"

And isn't that just wrong? Don't you know and then usually control yourself and stop it and feel somewhat unsatisfied but divert attention from that and then probably check out from bodily feelings?

It seems the cycle is unsatisfied->binge->detox->binge. Eating foods that your body knows how to regulate makes this a non-issue. You eat a perfectly boring meal and can be perfectly physiologically satisfied. You move on and SMILE WIDE. You eat an exciting razmatazz meal you are unsatisfied digestion is impaired and you probably overpaid.

Think about it.

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Good insights! Please keep sharing.

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