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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Calorie Restriction is Not Sexy.

I posted this at 30bananasaday.com over here - http://www.30bananasaday.com/forum/topics/calorie-restriction-is-not-sexy There might be more of a conversation there if you want to jump in.

Here it is: Calorie Restriction is Not Sexy.

If you are concerned about the amount of fuel you're putting in your body and want to avoid being high energy and think that men or women are just attracted to heroine using stick figures, consider your biology for a second.

If you eat 1,200 calories a day to follow the example of some hollyweird celebrity who is having apparent "success with starvation", simply consider the energetics of the equation.

1,200 calories of gas in per day = 1,200 energy units to use that day. That's not much! Every unit of energy you add is another unit of energy you can use. You could go out! You could go dancing, you could just resonate a big attractive energy because you have it! It's hard to fake being high energy! It's better to BE high energy and SEE what happens.

How are you planning on meeting your dream man? By just being really thin and tired so that you won't seem like a challenge to pick up on?

"Hello I have low self-esteem and am starving to death and depression and there's no way I could handle pregnancy, want to _____ me? Me love you short time."

High positive energy with a nice face beats all. Cleanliness, Health, and Happiness are very attractive qualities. Having clear expansive energy is only possible through deep self-esteem and psychological clarity. If you are afraid of getting fat to the point where your health is suffering from not eating enough, then it's walking on egg shells and living a life of constant torment. How are you going to avoid your fear?

It's not fun to be scared about getting your needs met. If you are acting scared to eat you are literally acting scared of life.


You can let yourself go BUCKWILD with fruits and vegetables. If you are hungry enough to eat fruit or vegetables, they will do good for you on all levels. Shamelessly binging on health food = having a voracious appetite for life = sexy.

A girl that doesn't eat has lower physiological attractiveness. MAYBE by having some model-ish looks you can appeal to some vague sexy-money-druggy-fashion-slutty-bitchy paradigm that some macho-money-car-clothes-porno-closet-homo man will follow because of monkey see monkey do mentality.

So what is the other side?

The other side is about planning for a life full of play. A life where you can run around everyday. Where you can dance, make love, be creative, take on natural stresses, and dream big and follow through too. Where you can do all the work you need to do and then some. You can do this when you follow the steps and drop the fear of eating. Now, that said, I have been relatively active all my life and considered myself high energy all my life too, though now when I look back and notice the differences it is astounding.

However, I can see the differences very clearly when one day I drink less water or eat less food; my performance may not obviously suffer, but my longevity will. Water and food are essential. I do believe in magic and people being able to do amazing things like the Saints seem to do, but I am also a fan of practical predictability.

It is simply practical to put in as much fuel in the tank to cover the trip you want to take. Want to go 4 many miles? Put in the gas. Don't try to drive 100 miles on half a gallon. In fact, don't just fill up the 3-5 gallons you need to cover the 100 miles, fill up so that you can get there and back and more if you can. My car has never complained about having a full tank of gas inside. The weight of 16 gallons is not significant. My body also has never complained because I ate 4-6,000 calories. In fact, it just said hey David, let's run a marathon today just for fun and because I think we can do it today and then I did and it was great.

Yes, my bodyweight has fluctuated. Yes fruit is real food and energy that can be stored as fat. However, every single time I ate and drank more than before I had more energy and endurance than before and stronger energy. I expect that will be the same for others. Get your fitness up. Think about other animals and what works for them. None of them calorie restrict. Caloric restriction may make sense when you're eating foods that have too much protein, selenium, or phosphorous so you are better off not eating much of them, but when it comes to what we've evolved to consume and that have much fiber and water associated, don't worry about it your body will let you know with ease when it's time to stop because you won't be addicted. As of yet I have still not seen an obese fruit-based eater. There are some fruit eaters that weigh more than others and they are not less attractive for it my eyes.


Arbee said...

wow. this is simply awesome. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,

Nice work. I especially like the Papa John's Pizza ad that google placed on your side bar. :)


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