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Monday, August 1, 2011

Fossil Fuel Free Week

This past week has been fossil fuel free (for my transportation). I have been biking and walking and running exclusively. I got a bike trailer that I found the day at a serendipitous synchronistic time and finally hooked it up a couple weeks ago and now go to the farmer's markets in STYLE :) (:

Been waking up much earlier. Today I awoke at 3:37 (went back to sleep) but yeah was up and about around 8 am. That might not mean much to you but I have been sleeping till 11 for some time. Maybe it was reading about how morning light increases testosterone production and something about "luteinization" I didn't look into luteinization much but I know that lutein has to do with eyesight and that my eyesight is typically super sharp when I'm up early mornings.

Well, better get ready for bed.


Nate said...

Cool! I'm glad you got that trailer hooked up.

Yea start going to bed earlier around the same time each day and your body will likely get used to it and you'll start to feel tired at that time. I usually sleep before sunset with earplugs and eye shades. That way I've got plenty of time to rest before dawn. Also wear sunglasses inside before bed to trick my body into thinking its darker. Dim the computer screen too. Good luck waking with the birds.

David Hestrin said...

Interesting idea with the sunglasses :) thanks

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