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Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Listening to your body" | How to eat healthier | A day's food for another Raw Fooder

This photo shows what was eaten in a day. The carrot juice was actually made fresh but the bottles represent the amount that was consumed. Does that look like too much to eat? Doesn't it all look healthy? Yes it does.

One thing that is important and a valuable tool in dieting is... eat the healthy food first. If there is something you're sure is healthy for you because you both know that it's a nutritionally sound choice and you know that your body will feel good while eating it and after eating it, then eat it!

A lot of times people are using the wrong approach.  They are feeling their stomachs and searching their mind for what will be the most exciting experience. A lot of people say "listen to your body" but guess what, if you get a drug habit, guess what your body will tell you if you listen, probably something like "gimme the drugs!"

Well, believe it or not, even foods as simple as baked potatoes or slices of bread can have the same effect. I have seen it in myself and in others and if you want to go into the science of measurement and such there are things called "starch opiates", as well as the simple explanation with regards to exciting experience.

You can confirm this for yourself. So this is why "listening to your body" might not be the best way. Also, you have to be clear on what you're listening to. In my experience with going off the raw food wagon and eating potatoes, my body would say things like:

*I'm needing to sweat to the point of drenching my shirt now that I'm playing basketball
*I'm needing to emit some sourish smell from my armpits for some reason
*I'm needing to increase the amount of mucus in my nose


*Despite all these harms that can prevent a lot of important things like positive intimate interactions because I smell bad, my body is saying "give me more" in an insatiable way. I would eat 10 pounds a day and could still eat more.

So think about that with regards to listening to your body. Are you listening just when you're hungry? Or are you listening after? If you start to listen to your body after you eat maybe you'll get a different idea of what to eat...

But you still need to try different things. How are you going to know that your primate physiology is optimized for ripe fruit and tender greens if you don't try it?

Here's a neat simple recipe I made that everyone loved:

Raisin Peach Pie

I blended organic raisins (around 350 grams) and a bit of water in my vita-mix blender. If you're interested in a vita-mix someday, please buy it through my link here - https://secure.vitamix.com/?COUPON=06-006561&store=1. And then I put some lettuce on the bottom and sliced organic nectarines, pluots, and peaches throughout. YUM.


Ben said...

David, my take on the whole listening to your body thing is good for exercise-related things. If you are sore, or have pain somewhere you may want to rest or do some exercise that does not put stress on the sore area. This is common sense but sometimes people ignore it when they have big fitness goals and aspirations.

I think listening to your body when it comes to food cravings is a bad idea. "My body is telling me it wants a donut!" No.

So in essence, the dichotomy is: listening to your body about pain and soreness = good. Listening to your body about food cravings = bad.

David Hestrin said...

Yeah I agree.

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