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Friday, August 19, 2011

Please Relax and Be Beautiful

So I'm on forums with many people with different attitudes and some are women who clearly have a lot of identification issues with weight and some ideal number or something like that.

Please don't do that! Please relax and be at home as you and focus on your good feeling center and letting that guide your outward movement and receptivity.

When you are relaxed you relax others. When you relax others you can connect. When you connect in relaxation, love happens.

Why focus on weight? It is some kind of ignorant judgment.  What if you achieve your weight goal, will you relax then? There is so much beauty in a face. A relaxed happy face. Your face connects with the face of your lover.

If you want to be sexy, be capable of bearing child. If you are rail thin that doesn't inspire me to think you're capable of bearing child. There's an evolutionary clarity to that. If you couldn't survive a famine for even 5 days, how could you take care of a child too? Having an extra 10-20 pounds of healthy fat is a nice bank account!

Being big doesn't mean being weak, flabby, or ugly. There are some big strong women and there are also big fun women. There are big flexible women. There are small big women. Women that are still petite or average height, but just not "thin". "Thin" does not sound like a good descriptive word at all. Thin is like weak. I am not attracted to weak women. I am attracted to receptive, strong, vivacious women.

I don't think many men prefer super thin women. So close your eyes and imagine feeling your most attractive self and let yourself feel what that would be.

Invariably, in time I think you'll find your imagination will lead you to your healthiest happiest self. There's a nice range that has different forms and functions. Pick well rounded. :)

- David

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