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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Protein Discussion

So I ate 4580 calories today and got 57 grams of protein. Is that enough? I'm 5'8.5'' around 141ish. Now I know that I'm exceeding the WHO's recommendation of .83 grams per kilogram, but I am WAY more active. I balled hard today. And am very active mentally and am working on handstand pushups and it is WORK.

Most trainers would say I need more protein. Maybe it's not much more. Maybe I don't need more protein at all. But the fact that I can eat 4580 calories and still just be at 57 grams is something worth considering for others, because a lot of people wouldn't eat 4500 calories.

Others can be used to getting a certain amount of strength building/muscle building exercise without that much cardio. If that person wants to eat their regular amount of calories on this diet, it wouldn't provide their protein needs.

Now I don't want a bunch of people saying blah blah blah protein is a myth. Or blah blahh blah enzymes. Or blah blah blah look at this guy where we don't know how much protein he's eating or better yet we do and know it's a lot.

The fact that 4500 calories of food might only provide 57 grams of protein is a good explanation as to why many raw fruiters are not large muscled... because they're... not getting enough protein! So many people are getting say 3,000 calories and are pretty active but are skinny. Are they skinny because they are working out so much or are they skinny because they don't have the protein to put on muscle? Do you think they'd be more muscled if they ate another 10 grams of protein per day? I think they would use that protein and build muscle with it.

If you've got a bunch of money scrimping/poor people trying this diet and they're eating 3-4,000 calories it is quite possible they're getting much less than 60 grams of protein per day. Possibly much less when they haven't learned to eat their greens.

Obviously we should eat our greens, but for some people they are thinking they can "listen to their body" or wait till they "crave greens" but hey guess what, how many people are going to spend $12 a day to buy 2 pounds of spinach? How many people will spend $20 to buy 5 pounds of tomatoes?

So yeah think about it. I am not saying go burn some beans or slit some throats. But consider the possibility that you would do better to get some more protein whether it comes with another load of energy from carbs or not.

Also, consider that not all fruit and veggies were created equal. The date and banana based diet is a lower protein diet. Dates have 2% bananas have what 4%? This can be perfect if you're hitting the exact amount of protein you need and able to sustain whateverwonderfully massive amounts of activity you like, but maybe it's not enough.

Some people, it seems, have lifestyles not compatible with expending great amounts of energy. HA! That's bullshit in my perspective  because everyone finds the time to be online or watch tv, but I will say that when your life is bullshit and you're spending 40 hours doing something you don't want, you probably don't have the mental willpower or whatever to exercise more when you're thinking "waa I don't have time"

OKay. I have probably ruffled enough feathers. Looking forward to some enlightening discussion.

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