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Thursday, August 18, 2011

There's more to the story...

So there's much more to the story about Acid/Alkaline balance and Ca:P ratio. One thing that's interesting is the absorbability of Ca or P from various sources. It is different! So just because you're consuming 1000 mgs of P doesn't mean you absorb that much and same for Ca.

There are many factors and measurements that can and perhaps need to be made to come down with some super accurate answers.

However, are you really interested to know how much P and Ca you're absorbing?

I think that you're probably more interested in how to feel good. How to avoid runny noses, headaches, bad breath, tooth aches, and bone breaks. How to have more energy. How to be more flexible. How to feel AMAZING. 

It is likely there's some very basic element in life that is simply not optimized at a simple level of change:
  • Spending time online instead of sleeping
  • Sitting on a chair instead of on a Gaiam Balance Ball Chair (Black) 
  • Staying indoors instead of going outside and sunbathing
  • Being alone excessively instead of with friends/loved ones
  • Not making love
  • Not doing what you need to do in order to FEEL you are a contribution.
  • Not doing what it takes to grow
  • Not exercising enough (or too much)
  • Eating the wrong foods and too much or too little. 
There are other elements, but that list I think is fairly comprehensive.

See, we don't necessarily need research but need to act on the knowledge we already have and make the change. Sometimes it's hard to make a change. Sometimes it's easy. Sometimes it's hard and then reveals itself to be the easiest most wonderful thing. 

That all said. I think that knowing about Ca:P ratio and balance is important because it is a key to demonstrating the importance of a fruit based diet and perhaps even the medical necessity of it, in order to follow through on equations of health.

IF it is true that maintaining a Ca:P balance is vital for proper health, and it is true that the only way to do that is through a fruit based diet, then that would make a quite clear case for the fruit based diet beyond simply having more energy, feeling better, etc..

I do not think it is possible to maintain Ca:P balance on a diet of 3,000 calories+ without going fruit based. There are a limit of available choices for the foundation of carbohydrate in the diet. Grains, beans, vegetables and fruits. You will see that the only viable source of significant calories that have a Ca:P ratio that doesn't heavily favor P are fruits.

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