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Friday, August 12, 2011

Upcoming Interview with long term Raw Fruitist (Foodist) Andrew Perlot

Andrew Perlot runs one of the best raw food information sites on the web and has been eating a truly 100% raw food diet since 2007. I have talked to him from time to time on 30bananasaday.com. We talked for just twenty minutes, but I gleaned a ton of great information that I'm happy to share with you here.

Apart from his website that features a variety of articles on health and raw food, Andrew Perlot has also done a significant amount of work with clients offering consultations that maximize efficiency and minimize dependency.

"Diet is not that complicated, after an hour or two they've got it. They don't need me after that."

He cannot legally claim to cure anything, but he provides dietary information that's tailored to individuals conditions and if they follow it their conditions tend to disappear. He personally overcame colitis through his dietary choices and has helped others with a variety of conditions including Type 2 Diabetes.

The clients were able to reverse diabetes that had lasted for 2-3 years in two weeks.

"They don't have to take medication anymore they don't have to take insulin... they just have to change what they are eating."

Andrew says, "There are a lot of reasons why people desire unhealthy foods, and some of them are physical in the sense that there's an addiction that will go away if they simply don't eat the food anymore. For instance, grain products contain opioids and they addict your brain. It's a mild addiction compared to a drug, but when people are saying they're craving bread... they're probably not wrong. Granted, you could really cut down on that desire by seeing that you have enough carbohydrates and such but at the end of the day there's a chemical element at play."

Andrew Talks About the Emotional Connections to Food and Provides an Example of What He Did to Move Past Addictions

"There're a lot of mental connections that are at play and working on altering those is important.

I loved a lot of cooked foods when I was overweight and had colitis. One of the things I found was that beyond any physical hunger I had, were emotional attachments. My mom and I would go out for pancakes slathered with syrup and I loved that food. I had an emotional attachment to that food and I realized very easily that I loved that food and it didn't love me back. It would sit in my stomach like a rock and it was one of those elements that really bothered my colitis.

I did a meditation where I tore the foods that didn't love me back off their pedestals. I thought of them as emotionally good but they were hurting me and when you start to be realistic about how a food is hurting you and realizing that even though you love a food it doesn't love you back because its damaging your body that kind of realism can help you tear it off the pedestal you've placed it on."

I really liked his way of describing things when he says "be realistic" about food. Can we all get real about what we eat?

Click here to visit Andrew Perlot.

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