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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pure Blog 1: I no longer wish to be a know it all.

Interesting concept, doing something I don't feel like doing. Maybe I've been stuck in a 5 year old mentality that only does what feels good to him, and maybe there's great wisdom to that and maybe that's the only thing we can ever do but with varying degrees of intelligence in getting our desires, following our pleasures, avoiding our pains, or following our life path, listening to our highest potential, or however you want to describe what runs your life or how you run your life or what have you.


I have just put out many words, but I am still.


I sing songs and prior to opening my mouth I know nothing. I feel nothing. I may feel fear. I may feel stillness. I may feel nothing. I will feel a tickle in my upper realm. A cosmic laugh.

I don't know.

Ate 30 pounds of oranges, a head of celery, and a few dates.

Made conversation. Made eye contact of a beautiful nature. Mmm. Feeling relating.

I thought I would be valued for knowing it all. Perhaps I was with academic accolades and feelings of superiority, and knowing that I can discover thoughts and systems that surpass authority is valuable beyond measure.

Yet now, I see that I must let go of much knowing to let go to flowing.

I welcome the flood.

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