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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Travel Blog and Product Review: Nylon String Martin Backpacker Acoustic Guitar

This guitar is amazing. I just got it as a going away gift from a friend and am loving to play it. A great guitar speaks for itself when you touch it hold it and pluck it. Other guitars simply won't make the right sounds. Maybe it's like people, maybe not. Maybe the more skilled you are the more you can make other guitars make beautiful music but there's some that are much easier to make sing than others.

I am in Mission Bay near San Diego and La Jolla, CA right now. The weather is HOT and wonderful as such. My body definitely feels at home in the heat near the sweet.

Video guitar lesson is being uploaded as we speak.


carol-anne !! said...

hey, i like your new font it is super!

why san diego? i just made some friends from san diego, they are nice.

glad you are having a wonderful life!

David Hestrin said...

Skewl. <3 2 U

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