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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In order to focus, free yourself from desire

   Around 5 years ago I quit smoking weed. My reason was because it was something that I would feel myself pulled to do when I'd wake up. Other than weed I did not have some strong sense of desire pulling me in any which way, and once I'd smoke my standards would go down as to what's worthy of my time.

     Having experimented with different diets over the last 5 years as well I have noticed that certain foods arouse desires when others don't and some foods arouse desires for their consumption after their consumption - even when they cause some kind of discomforts or negative consequences. You try a bit of sauerkraut or salsa and suddenly want more and more. A bit of salt and suddenly every bite needs some. You eat a potato chip and want the whole bag and even if you finish and are stuffed you still feel the desire for more. This desire might last a whole day, though you might not notice it all the time (it might not be present all the time either).
     So when you're experiencing these desires and not acting on them, you are pulled away from full enjoying what is. It is like a thought saying "if only I had a cheeto right now" being the caption for your beautiful day. Think about a picture of a beautiful person with other beautiful people around them and the caption is "ughh i wish i had some chips".

  This is the situation that is robbing youth of vigor and enjoyment of life. This can be simply solved by following a diet of non-addictive, health causing foods. Freedom is worth experiencing.

1 comment:

Katerina Bon Vora said...

great reflections Dave. totally resonate with what your saying.. i quite smoking cigs for the same reason. it just dominoes after that.

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