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Friday, November 25, 2011

How are we going to make the change?

So if you watched the video, and you're like, "shoot, the ice is melting that's a bad thing we need to do something different" and you know already that agriculture is responsible for more than half of the environmental harms...

What's stopping you from altering your impact?

Let's say you could be less expensive products that were better than the ones you've bought and they would actually work towards saving the world.

Well you can. You can go to the farmer's market or to a wholesaler and buy organic fruits and vegetables. Even eating more fruit that's grown with pesticides might be better than eating junk food that's processed and grown with pesticides. Fruit is cheaper than junk food. A candy bar these days costs like a dollar and you can get 5 bananas for a dollar at Trader Joe's.

What would you rather have? An awesome smoothie or a lousy little candy brick?

What would you rather do, pay to have more unnecessary plastic and junk created or pay for trees to grow?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Half Baked "Overpopulation" Myth. Part 1. Potatoes.

So if you saw my videos back in the day, I ate around 10 pounds of potatoes per day for 10 days. It was easy and tasty. I am not necessarily recommending you do it, because I think that fruit is easier and healthier, but I did it and many people in the world have done fine on potatoes.

I think that if you are eating cooked food, potatoes are a good way to go and I think they taste great. Though they are somewhat dry, like all cooked foods.

Near the end of this video I show the nutritional info of potatoes + lettuce + almonds.

So check this out:

There are 40 million acres of lawns in the United States.

On average, an acre of potatoes produces 106 pounds of potatoes per day.
106 pounds of potatoes = 38,228 calories. This means that one acre is enough to feed around 10 active people.

So, if 40 million acres were planted with potatoes, 400 million could be fed.

The numbers for the potatoes are based on calculations performed after harvest. This means that it accounts for crop losses.

Now a person can come up with something like the fact that potatoes might not grow very well in all the places where grass grows. To which I can respond, that grains are grasses and grains could be grown instead.

So consider that. We already have enough "farmland" as lawns to feed the whole country.



That's right.

Vita-Mixes Are Great

For some reason I love food inform-mercials.

This thing makes magic, cleans up quick, and has a lengthy warranty. They are nice people, too.

The best is the variable speed knob and with the 240 mph's the blades go it really sounds like revving the engine.

I absolutely love making FRESH SALSAS and FRESH SAUCES

Check out the 52 culinary feats you can do with this baby!
Order a Vita-Mix through this link & enter coupon code # 06-006561 and you receive free shipping because I referred you. Mine only took a few days to arrive.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A secret spaghetti sauce recipe ingredient with complete recipe.

So for the best raw organic vegan or vegetarian spaghetti/pasta sauce recipe, I found that adding sesame seeds in the form of tahini or Vitamix-blended hulled sesame seeds, made great sauce.

Tomatoes of all varieties work. Preferably with the flavor you like.

I like a strong tomato flavor with a good amount of sweetness. So I like using both sun dried tomatoes and fresh heirlooms AND cherry tomatoes.

Just using the tomatoes and the sesame can work for me.

However there are a variety of good additions:

  • celery
  • carrots
  • bell peppers
  • bit of spicy peppers
  • bit of basil
  • teeny bit of something sweet
Try it out. Let me know.

Also to make the spaghetti/pasta I prefer cucumber, but zucchini works fine and I like mixing the two.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Interesting Idea

Cheap Easy Healthy

Pick two. I ran into this concept today. A blogger basically said that you can pick two of the three and go for that. Do you want?

Cheap and Easy
Cheap and Healthy
or Easy and Healthy

At different times you'll make different decisions and sometimes you can get all three OR you simply have enough to have "cheap" be irrelevant when it comes to food.

So how would considering this process affect your eating?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Learning Languages at LiveMocha

Hey I found this site it's pretty fun Livemocha.com. I am there to learn languages. You can make pen-pals all over the world and they have lots of free courses. They all seem pretty beginner, but I guess that's fine because I can meet people and talk to them in the language I want to learn.

Here's a sample message I sent someone that was pretty fun to write and I learned a bit too.

The first lines are without using google translate and the second are using google translate.

warum mochstes sie Deutsch lernen? (ohne google translate)
warum willst du Deutsch lernen? (mitt google translate)

Ich Deutsch lernen fur spass. (ohne google translate)
Ich lerne Deutsch für Spaß. (mitt google translate)

Achso, Sie... (ohne google translate)
Können Sie sehen, ich bin ein Anfänger (mitt google translate)

Ich denk das ist eine gute methode (ohne google translate).
Ich denke, das ist eine gute Methode. (mitt google translate).

Was glaubst du?

Sunday, November 20, 2011

When Making Decisions...

Just because something is best for you, doesn't mean it's gonna be the easiest decision or feel the most natural. In fact, what's best for us might be something we've not even tried before.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Eyes Glasses Fashion Advertisements Golden Ratio

So here's a typical advertisement for "fashionable" frames. Notice that these are not prescription frames. Why? Because they distort the size of the model's eyes thus giving a worse proportion according to the Golden Ratio of Beauty.

See how the extreme glasses alter the face and make the person look...

Fortunately there's a solution.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

If you went to an upscale restaurant...

If you went to an upscale restaurant and they charged you $24.95 for an entree, or $16.95 for a salad, you probably wouldn't complain and the ingredients would be lower quality than you could get at a health food store or farmer's market.

So don't trip about paying less than that per day for food that's higher quality than the Four Seasons serves.

Work on the ambience of your eating area. Make a little ritual. Eat at the right moment.

Think of what you'd be willing to pay at a top quality restaurant for a meal and spend that on yourself at the health food store. $16.95 makes a much NICER salad. $24.95 buys at least a whole days worth of top quality fuel and fun.

Be love. Be focus. Be passionate. Be independent and interdependent. Be fun.

It's a perfect day for it.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Would you rather take a vacation to Thailand or get a Tumor?

Cell phones appear to cause tumors. Google the GQ article. Yes, you do it. I will sit here on the pile of gold I have amassed over six years of not paying for cell phone service.

Glycemic Index

Is the glycemic index adjusting for absorption when comparing food items? For example one type of food might be lower on the index, but it's not actually lower in terms of calories absorbed it's just that the absorption is lower. So a person eats say 100 calories of brown rice and saythat's comparable to 100 calories of banana on the glycemic index but perhaps you're only getting 60 calories absorbed because the rice doesn't digest as well. I don't know, but I'd like to find out. So I will.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Going to bed at 10. Lights out pronto.

Managed to go to bed at 10 on Tuesday night! Wednesday night... not so much... let's go for 2 out of 3!

Eat more carbs and get warmer not fatter


Josh Fossgreen wrote a nice article over at his site and has great citations at the bottom that I'm looking forward to reading. Experientially I agree and it makes sense to me - that excess carbs can just be turned into heat instead of stored as fat. I've noticed if I set my mind to eating loads of dates, I can warm up a bit.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Start the day with something other than checking e-mail/phone etc...

I am going to do a thirty day trial of not checking my e-mail first thing in the morning.

Can you thrive on a simple diet of 1-2 types of food per day?

Hey Lads and Ladies,

I know I have been saying this a lot, well it ain't broke so I'm going to keep using it!

Simplicity is super. Simplicity saves time. Simplicity empowers you. Simplicity frees you.

So the question is Can you thrive on a simple diet of 1-2 types of food per day?

So far, the answer is a resounding YES! I have just eaten dates all day (not constantly eating; I had 3 meals) of a total of 3.75 pounds (before pitting). I feel great! Satisfied!

Think about which foods you would eat if you could only eat 1-2 types. I don't mean pizza and sandwiches. I mean apples and oranges. Grapes and celery. Bananas and spinach. Meat and eggs. I won't eat the meat and eggs unless I"m reaaaally going out there with experiments and am stranded on chicken island. But yeah what would you think you could eat and feel good and maintain and increase health and fitness?

I am not saying that 1-2 is the best or easiest. HOWEVER for newbies getting your basic caloric needs from 1 fruit and getting the rest of your nutritive needs from 1-2 vegetables is the EASIEST program to follow.

I find that when I KNOW that I get ALL I NEED from something and that I have enough to do it, food is just on auto-pilot and I focus on the other aspects of life where I can grow and evolve and have fun with focus.

I know it's hard for everyone to focus sometimes - especially when people are under-eating on fundamentally unsatisfying foods. It is a lot easier to just eat fruit than to eat a variety of spicy, or fatty, or meaty, or addictive concoctions.

If you feel a craving for something, that distracts your focus from the present moment. Having a diet of banana smoothies and salads is so simple and awesome and obvious that there are no distractions.

The question I pose to you now is this: Do you want to focus?

Live Focused
- David http://thecureforblur.com/

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