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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Can you thrive on a simple diet of 1-2 types of food per day?

Hey Lads and Ladies,

I know I have been saying this a lot, well it ain't broke so I'm going to keep using it!

Simplicity is super. Simplicity saves time. Simplicity empowers you. Simplicity frees you.

So the question is Can you thrive on a simple diet of 1-2 types of food per day?

So far, the answer is a resounding YES! I have just eaten dates all day (not constantly eating; I had 3 meals) of a total of 3.75 pounds (before pitting). I feel great! Satisfied!

Think about which foods you would eat if you could only eat 1-2 types. I don't mean pizza and sandwiches. I mean apples and oranges. Grapes and celery. Bananas and spinach. Meat and eggs. I won't eat the meat and eggs unless I"m reaaaally going out there with experiments and am stranded on chicken island. But yeah what would you think you could eat and feel good and maintain and increase health and fitness?

I am not saying that 1-2 is the best or easiest. HOWEVER for newbies getting your basic caloric needs from 1 fruit and getting the rest of your nutritive needs from 1-2 vegetables is the EASIEST program to follow.

I find that when I KNOW that I get ALL I NEED from something and that I have enough to do it, food is just on auto-pilot and I focus on the other aspects of life where I can grow and evolve and have fun with focus.

I know it's hard for everyone to focus sometimes - especially when people are under-eating on fundamentally unsatisfying foods. It is a lot easier to just eat fruit than to eat a variety of spicy, or fatty, or meaty, or addictive concoctions.

If you feel a craving for something, that distracts your focus from the present moment. Having a diet of banana smoothies and salads is so simple and awesome and obvious that there are no distractions.

The question I pose to you now is this: Do you want to focus?

Live Focused
- David http://thecureforblur.com/


Katerina Bon Vora said...

I'm glad you spread the message of simplicity around Dave. :) keep at it! as for me, food is also an art that I tend to put my attention/focus on, just as you might with your eyesight/health issues. I'm sure eating 1-2 kinds of food a day will free me up of cooking and preparing and all that stuff in exchange of time I can dedicate on other activities like work or art, but I quite like the experience of creating my gastronomic experience. sure I love fruits as is - kiwi at the moment! and sometimes have just one fruit for a meal and a salad for the next ;)

David Hestrin said...

It's much more than about freeing up time. There's a physical sense of focus and clarity in the present moment without grasping for otherness.

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