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Friday, November 25, 2011

How are we going to make the change?

So if you watched the video, and you're like, "shoot, the ice is melting that's a bad thing we need to do something different" and you know already that agriculture is responsible for more than half of the environmental harms...

What's stopping you from altering your impact?

Let's say you could be less expensive products that were better than the ones you've bought and they would actually work towards saving the world.

Well you can. You can go to the farmer's market or to a wholesaler and buy organic fruits and vegetables. Even eating more fruit that's grown with pesticides might be better than eating junk food that's processed and grown with pesticides. Fruit is cheaper than junk food. A candy bar these days costs like a dollar and you can get 5 bananas for a dollar at Trader Joe's.

What would you rather have? An awesome smoothie or a lousy little candy brick?

What would you rather do, pay to have more unnecessary plastic and junk created or pay for trees to grow?

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