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Thursday, November 17, 2011

If you went to an upscale restaurant...

If you went to an upscale restaurant and they charged you $24.95 for an entree, or $16.95 for a salad, you probably wouldn't complain and the ingredients would be lower quality than you could get at a health food store or farmer's market.

So don't trip about paying less than that per day for food that's higher quality than the Four Seasons serves.

Work on the ambience of your eating area. Make a little ritual. Eat at the right moment.

Think of what you'd be willing to pay at a top quality restaurant for a meal and spend that on yourself at the health food store. $16.95 makes a much NICER salad. $24.95 buys at least a whole days worth of top quality fuel and fun.

Be love. Be focus. Be passionate. Be independent and interdependent. Be fun.

It's a perfect day for it.


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