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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Improve Your Eyesight Naturally - No Lenses No Lasers.

Dr. William Bates discovered that over 90% of individuals using lenses unnecessarily strained their eyes. Dr. Bates, the M.D. ophthalmologist, found that when his patients learned how to relax and utilize central fixation - their eyesight improved.

Research conducted by the Better Earth Institute demonstrated a 100% correlative rate of unnecessary strain to the use of lenses. There was not a single person who wore glasses that reported experiencing their physical sense of relaxation as higher than a 4 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being fully relaxed.

Relaxation will be mentioned again and again in this book - with the intention that you can embark on a journey of self-discovery as to what it means to live and breathe and move as a fully relaxed being without self-causing any unnecessary strain.

Further research by the Better Earth Institute found that those that have 20/20 eyesight or better report no strain or restrictive feelings in their eyes. If you wish to investigate these findings, look no further than the neck and shoulder of a person wearing glasses - by far the vast majority of glasses wearers have excessively tight shoulders that are hunched forward and a neck that hunches forward as well.

There are nutritional issues that lead to blurry vision as well but they are somewhat outside of the scope of this book. I highly recommend the 80/10/10 Diet by Dr. Douglas N. Graham and for you to consider that the capillaries (blood vessels) in your eyes are very small. There are certain fat globules present in processed foods that can clog up the blood vessels. The eyes require plenty of oxygen and fat in the bloodstream diminishes it. The more oxygenation the better - I'm sure you can imagine life would feel a lot nicer if you could breathe better.

In order to improve your eyesight you must uncover your natural relaxation. You will find, as many have before, that as soon as you allow yourself to have a clear intention to find relaxation in the moment. You can relax and you undoubtedly will.

At first it may seem impossible if you are being really harsh with yourself. That's all right. You can forgive yourself and realize that there's always another perspective. Know that people have improved their eyesight and relaxation from far worse situations and in more ways than you expect.

A woman improved her eyesight totally through giving birth to her daughter. A man improved his eyesight by dancing in the street. A child improved his eyesight by being asked what's wrong, he cried and when he was done crying his eyesight was better than ever. An elderly man improved his eyesight by dedicating an entire day to relaxation - he certainly reaped the benefits.

I am assuming you have not forgotten how vitalizing relaxation is. It is important to not mistake true relaxation with a form of laziness or escapism.

Relaxation is the ability to direct energy without conflicting strain.
Relaxation is to tension as off is to on.

The image in your head of relaxation ought to be of a true champion martial artist. Expert weight lifters employ true relaxation to lift weights. A mark of not being relaxed is to lift something up and then hit yourself in the face not realizing how light the thing actually is. The example demonstrates that there is a misperception of how much strain is necessary to interact with the world at large.

Proper relaxation is using the appropriate amount of energy to get the work done. If you've ever felt like you're holding yourself back from something, you probably know how much of a strain that was. By realizing true relaxation, you will enable your decision making to happen in a peaceful physical state.

It is totally okay to have attractions to multiple pathways. What is not okay is when that attraction causes astigmatism and strain.

What is astigmatism? Myopia? Presbyopia? Amblyopia? Cylinder?

There are plenty of medical terms for blurry vision. The key factors that appear to line up fairly consistently are excess fat, low oxygenation, and strain strain strain.

I have encountered a fair amount of skeptics people that don't even believe it when they see it, and their intentions are certainly good to make sure they are not hoodwinked by anybody. However, actualizing the possibility for deep relaxation is necessary for everyone to achieve their goals of well-being.

How can someone appreciate anything when their bodies are constantly straining? Wouldn't it be nicer to see things without straining to do so?

Contemporary western medicine, as taught in Dr. Ganong's textbook on Medical Physiology, points to lenses actually being the cause of myopia (nearsightedness)! The textbook continues to say that intense studying also causes nearsightedness. All non-psychological explanations for blurry vision tend to include images of the shapes of eyes that produce different eyesight.

A nearsighted eye is more elongated - so that the focal point falls in the middle of the eye instead of the back of the retina.

A farsighted eye is flatter - so that the focal point falls behind the retina.

So we see the picture in the textbook, just of the eye without the muscles surrounding it. Now as we know from the research - all users of glasses reported excess strain and felt contra-resistance or tense motion in their eyes. Could it be that their tense muscles are squeezing the eye out of shape?

As it is the textbook makes no statement as to the actual mechanism that mis-shapes the eyes! Yet we know, and I'm sure you know that your eyes and probably face carries excess tension. How could your vision be blurry? How could I have improved my eyesight?

There is a wonderful difference between an effectively relaxed muscular system and a system that involves constantly contradicting contractions. Wonderful, because very soon you will feel this relaxation throughout your whole being.

The intention of this book is to aid you in realizing the goal of improved eyesight through relaxation and bodily re-education.

There are plenty of success stories that you can find if you simply look at the billions of people on Earth that do not wear glasses. You can learn from them. The research shows that people are using their bodies differently. Learn to use your body differently and you will get different results.

Glasses are not the cure. That much is obvious. People's eyesight tends to get worse by a step (0.25) each year. Contact lenses diminish oxygenation and are expensive ways to prevent proper fluids from reaching the eye. Lasers are problematic not only for the risk factor, but for the fact that the eyes shape is simply the way it is because of improper muscular use. Once that muscular use is returned to proper relaxed vital functioning, what will be of the newly etched incorrect prescription on the cornea?

The value of relaxation is one that is implied but not directly mass marketed. A popular beer's commercials tend to show a beach, tan bodies, and gentle waves on a sunny day - these images evoke some sense of wistful relaxation that gets associated with the beer.

However, it is the good relaxed warm friendly feeling that our bodies desire - not the protoplasmic poison that destroys every cell it comes in contact with.

That said, relaxation and re-education is possible through a variety of activities and use of substances. Alcohol and marijuana are not recommended, but know that they have been used in ways to deeply increase relaxation.

Again, understand that it is uncovering a deep internal sense - uncovering the mode of relating that was once unquestionable - the mode of relating and proper perception most were born with. As you are now realizing that you can shift your perceptions of your perceptions - your perceptions can change.

Perceptions always change. What you see is a constant unfolding and what you see is not simply what is there but how you look at it.

Anyone's eyesight can be improved by taking stock in what one wishes to see!

Would you like to see more beauty? Walk in nature! Look at the sky! Look at the top of buildings. It is like we are making 3D movies all the time and we are the cinematographers (as well as many other roles). You can determine the framing of your viewpoint. If you like to take a camera with you one day instead of the painful crutches called glasses, you will be sweetly surprised.

So it's up to you to relax. If you don't intend it or allow it, it might not happen. If you intend and allow it - then it already is happening. Yes you might suddenly notice pain that you were numb to for years. Yes you might suddenly notice fear that you have been avoiding for years. Yes you might suddenly notice tears unshed - that you might suddenly notice things are much clear instead. Ask yourself do you want to see the world as clearly as possible? Would you like to see things vividly and vibrantly?

By learning how to relax we learn how to help others relax. One of the worst things is to see a young child fitted for glasses simply because they got tense over this or that.

It is an absolute travesty that it is not common enough knowledge that the relaxation improves eyesight and tension blurs eyesight.

Again, consider what happens to muscles that are not stretched or directed to the joints extremes - the muscle becomes tense and pain begins to grow and perhaps afterwards numbness and a forgotten sense of freedom. Awaken that freedom! Awaken the feelings!

Wearing glasses forms a habit of avoiding looking towards the extreme in any direction. One does not look up with the eyes because the lenses are no longer in between seer and desired sight. One does not look to the left with the eyes because the lenses are not in between self and sight. Therefor the habit is formed to turn the neck and excessive energy is used in an overall strained mode of body use - that is completely unnecessary.

It does not take more life-time to be relaxed. In fact, you get more life-time out of being relaxed. Stressful tension cause so many problems. Impotence, fatigue, acne, nutritional deficiencies, heart attacks, gout, cancer, HIV, psychological disorders, and the list would go on indefinitely - every single disease is related to un-ease. Unnecessary tension is un-ease is dis-ease. And the cure is internal. You already have the capacity to simply inhibit the physical commands that create strain.

You want to be at a 0 level of unnecessary strain. When you are there your eyesight will have improved enormously or you can contact me and I will provide you with a consultation free-of-charge - make sure you have truly achieved the 0 level before contacting me though.

The 0 level would be a level of feeling where the body can be scanned and it is known that no discomfort is being created by muscle contractions.

What is experientially obvious to all people who have improved their eyesight was realizing how much more relaxation that there was to be experienced and then experiencing it. State your positive intention - I want to see clearly without glasses. I am in the process of discovering deeply healthy relaxation. I can improve my eyesight today - right now. I am relaxing right now. It is so safe for me to see. It is so wonderful to relax and breathe right. My body deserves to be treated properly and I love feeling healthy. Write your own, or don't. It really doesn't matter at this point. You have already seen that glasses and lenses do not make you feel any better and restrict oxygen, movement, and cost thousands of dollars.

Is it true that you could stand to relax much more?

Would you like to be fully relaxed or would you prefer to just be somewhat relaxed and in pain or numb to pain for the rest of your life. Or should I say for the stress of your life since you will not experience true rest until your relaxation happens.

TENSE your body right now. As much tension as you feel like tensing! Tense tense tense! Okay now let go. Now let go more. Now let go more. You can do that whenever you want. How did you let go, by the way?

Can you even answer that? It is like some magic that is all ready there.

Move your body playfully as if you are constantly dancing or always grateful for having a body. Do you notice that it feels better? Do you notice that you now have the increased capacity for awareness and enjoyment? Keep going into it. Keep doing it. Keep un-doing it. Trust yourself. You are safe now. If you were not safe you would not be reading this. You must be safe now.

Stop. Stop moving for 90 seconds. See if you can maintain stillness and count to 90 in your head. If you make yourself move start over. You might notice that just by pausing you can improve your kinaesthetic awareness.

Imagine yourself moving and walking and seeing clearly. Imagine your body moving without excess tension - imagine grace and poise in all situations. Grace in sitting, standing, walking, talking and onward.

This is an opportunity for improving all relationships. How valuable is a friend that experiences expansive peace? How would you like to be more of that friend? How nice would it be to keep noticing from time to time that life is feeling better? Do it! Notice! Allow yourself to feel! Wake up your freedom to feel real!

You can experience peace now. You can experience relaxation now. It doesn't matter what happened. People have proved that the past does not determine the future. People have been through worse than you and still use their bodies properly - even though they have all manners of memories. They found a way. They are humans exactly like you. All the possibilities are open to you. Everyone is different, everyone has infinite potential.

If you feel yourself reacting negatively to anything anywhere - NOTICE that! Notice that your body feels different. Could it be an unnecessary contraction? Sure you could be right that that guy is a jerk, but why hurt your body in the process? Grow up! Learn to do what works for you - don't try to hold on to things that don't help you or others! Relax!

Attend to yourself, build habits that benefit you deeply spiritually and physically - if you don't you will devolve and die frustrated, angry, and breathing improperly.

It is undoubted that your oxygenation levels are so much lower than they could be. Your mind will be clearer, your heart will be nearer, relaxation.

Okay so you get it. You know you want relaxation and maybe you are wondering how? Or you're thinking "I can't relax." Please write that down.

Write down "why" you think you can't relax. You probably will see that what comes after that is a little different and the feelings process and progress. Everything is in motion. Everything is in progress.

Be free to realize that my perspectives can be useful, but that you inside might have a clearer calling even than reading any more of this book to something that your life energy really wants. People have healed their eyesight in many ways.

Some people simply put their palms over their eyes and do that everyday for a week and their eyesight improves and relaxation is instant.

Does closing your eyes increase your relaxation? If it does then what does that tell you? It tells me that someone is trying to see things. Sight can come as easily to the eyes as scent the nose or sound to the ears.

Now obviously if your ears are full of wax and nose full of mucus - your senses will be expectedly muffled. This applies to the eyes as well. There are muscles that move the eyes. When you look up you contract specific muscles that you would be wise to not contract when looking down. You can check to see if this is how your eyes have been used. Can you look in a direction and feel that there is no pull in another?

If the muscle for looking up is contracted at the same time as the muscle for looking down - and your soft eyeball is inbetween - what do you think will happen?

You have the license to use your body properly. Whether you've been informed of proper body use by the people wishing to sell you deep-fried sewage sludge or the people wishing to sell you disease-causing antidotes prescibed for symptoms of diseases caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices - You still have the license to make ever better decisions for your life.

You can move with a greater sense of balance. You can see more clearly than you do now. You can be more relaxed (unless you are truly 100% relaxed). If you are 100% relaxed you can increase your vitality. You can empower your positive purposes in life. You can do it. The fact that you paid for this both with money and time and attention demonstrates that you are doing it.

Do you need to log your behavior to know that you are relaxing? Do so if you must. If you want to dedicate time to relaxing do it. Know that relaxation happens all the time. Proper body use happens all the time. It is always a good time to breathe properly. It is always a good time to let sight come to the eyes easily. It is always a good time to feel love. It is always a good time to feel clear. It is all ways always. You don't need to understand how it happens, you will see it though. You will find yourself calm despite the calamity around you. You will see yourself able to inspire peace and calm around you. The earth may quake and you may remain internally still. Can you truly deny the truth of these statements? Can you deny these positive statements without actually creating the opposite inside of you? Can you in a relaxed way say "no I can't relax."

What stops you from relaxing? Whatever it is, can you predict that it will continue? Everything changes. Please delete the need to justify actions that don't serve you. No one is asking you to explain why you ate the junk food or why you got angry when you could have done push-ups. You're okay. Everyone that cares about you wants you to feel as good as you can. Everybody that has some sense of health wants you to feel healthy too. It is very easy to pick up relaxing behaviors and attitudes from others that are relaxed.

Call a friend that never wears glasses and tell them you'd like to learn from them. They will appreciate being treated as the exemplar of body use that they are. You will enjoy learning and they will enjoy teaching and they will learn about themselves too.

Even people with 20/20 eyesight notice visual improvements when they relax more. Notice your breathing. Notice that you can breathe properly regardless of circumstance. It is so simply to let go of the stomach tension. You don't do anything to let it go - it simply is so.

Tense your muscles! Tense Tense! Let them go! Let them go more! Move! Experiment! Investigate! Let your life be great! Appreciate where you are!

Appreciate means to increase value. Increase the value of your life! Appreciate your health! Increase the value of your health. Invest in your life! Stop investing in creating your pain. Cease contracting unnecessarily in benign social situations. Let go of the fears that hamper so much in life.

Do you want to be afraid of being seen for the rest of your life? All it takes is one resonating feeling - I am safe! I am safe! I am safe! I am safe! I am safe! Do this as much as it takes! I want health! I can have health! I can have more health!

Health is being alive. There are degrees to both health and being alive. You are alive. You are alive. You are a life.

You don't need to relax as a positive action like taking out the trash, although taking out the mental trash will certainly help everybody. Realize the feeling of this. Remember when you tensed and then let go? It's the same thing. Let go of what you're grasping, let go of what you think you want - if you want to realize you already have it.

It is unnecessary to repeat to ourselves "we are safe we are safe we are safe" - it was useful a minute ago and may be useful in the future, but unnecessary.

No specific technique is necessary - what is desirable is the relaxation. If you can go disco dancing in the middle of jury duty and that's what you feel like doing - I won't stop you! If you feel like saying hello to the pretty girl, say hello! If you feel like saying good day to the handsome man. Say it!

Know that every single interaction is an opportunity for learning and greater body wisdom. The bodies speak so much and learning what yours can say will improve communication immeasurably for the better.

Imagine the body language you'd have if you were really happy and relax. Do you see dancing perhaps? Do you see broad shoulders? Do you see that becoming reality? Can you get partway there right now? RIGHT NOW can you?

Can you feel that you are succeeding right now? You must be. You must KNOW that you are succeeding otherwise you would not keep investing in this. You KNOW that you are relaxing. You know that you are learning. You know that your imagination informs your experience and that with a positive connected imagination of your desired results you are reaping the benefits.

How do you expect to get to great feelings without having great feelings as the destination. Perhaps before reading this total relaxation was not a goal. Perhaps mentions of relaxation made you say "I can't relax" - without realizing that you simply hadn't directed your vehicle there. I tell you Hawaii is a wonderful place. Do you say oh yeah it is or do you say well it stinks that I'm stuck in Skokie? You have the power to choose a direction, to choose a destination, and to fuel your vehicle in that direction.

Choose relaxation, fuel the vehicle, and notice yourself seeing clearly. Improve your eyesight naturally with no lenses and no lasers. Relax.

The rest of this book is the simplest and most effective method for relaxation I could come up with. What follows are blank pages - clear slates for you to do what you wish WITH ONE RULE - you may not go to the next page until you have significantly increased your relaxation in a direct experiential sense - in a way that allows you to feel that your perceptions of reality have been sharpened. By the time you finish the book your process will be quite clearly running on its own and you will realize a daily overall increase of relaxation and the increased intentional ability to experience deep peace and clarity.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Get Your Greens

MMMMM been eating collard greens and kale raw today and yesterday sooo good. IT just feels good to eat. Chew chew chew like a chew chew train. Homina homina homina. Eat it like an irrelevant snack. Eat it like you are the mack. Eat it because it's good like that.

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