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Monday, April 2, 2012

GOod Fantasy / Bad Fantasy

What if you never watched tv or movies or mass produced media? What would your exposure be to violence? Would you have seen representations of murders rapes and various heinous acts? As a child and in my teens and early twenties I was attacted to violent films such well who cares which ones the point is they attracted me excited me thrilled me. Now they repulese me and I do not really have anything I watch that has much violence. It is simply something that I prefer to live without. What benefit does watching violent films have? Are there lessons I need to learn? Most films are not worthy of time anyhow unless they're simply entertaining. Yes there are good movies, and even plenty, perhaps een more than I couod ever watch. That said, well what else is there to say? I think that violence is kind of silly. I can see how it is rivetting though once you're in the drama. Once you connect with the character and there's some threat on their life or some such perhaps we want to see it through to the completion to get closure. BUt why get involved in the first place. All these hero"s in the movies that are actually just people in bad situations. I remember cheering for mel gibson or bronson or whoever is the victim of the bad guys and wanting them to get hte bad guys but overall this is a sad situation. Same for all the war movies... essentially pitiable situations, not situations where we should be passively cheering.

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