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Friday, March 29, 2013


Realistically, how wonderful is the universe? How exciting? How vivid and vibrant is the "real" universe?

The real universe that is real. The one that we are taught to measure and judge and calculate on. The real universe that says 2 + 2 IS 4, the earth revolves around the sun, and the moon is smaller than the earth.

How do we know how wonderful the universe is? There are plenty of experiences some feel much more wonderful than others. What is wonderful about waiting in a department store for a clerk to find something?

What is absolutely amazing about being in traffic? How grateful are we to be standing somewhere? To have a body? To use a body? To live as bodies?

What can we say to this? Our bodies certainly are as real as mathematics. Are they not due to ephemeral changes in form? The past changes a lot. Several years ago two friends and I attempted to discern which restaurant we'd go to. I had stipulations of wanting to eat healthy food and we did not know of an option that fulfilled that desire (I should also point out that today none of the restaurants I had considered to be healthy really fit the standard now... unless there's a restaurant that just serves fresh organic watermelon).

Anyhow that experience in some sense is disconnected from my present. I am not going to the restaurant tonight, there is no discussion to be had with my friends about it either, in fact one of the two is no longer in terms of communication with me, and I am not in the city and am 5 years older and the room we were in is no longer rented by any of us and we can not re-create that moment as it was. To say that moment no longer exists can be easily accepted logically.

And yet that moment must always exist if it existed in the first place because it is a step in a chain. Yet the chain is non-linear in one sense. Where does it lead? Where did that experience lead? Well I can say it led here to right here in a different place and age and so forth.

In the same sense I can say that going South led to going North because prior to going North going South was on the journey. So what does this say about the reality of the universe? That opposites precede opposites. That false statements that are contingent become true and truth becomes false and all the while a consistent intending being can call through the womb, the wound, the tomb, the loom, the room, the broom, and soon.

I choose magic and mysticism and love and happiness OVER criticism and crappiness and such
Choosing these things OVER criticism and crappiness does not mean denying reality but to be overflowing with the good and having clear directive through the "bad."

Today I threw some dog shit away - truth. It did not both me emotionally. Throwing it away was an enjoyable act. I need not look to specific acts for emotional responses - on a bigger spiritual level. This might be a choice though perhaps almost certainly is and can be evaluated and should be enjoyable to do so.

I ought to clarify that specific acts very much affect emotional responses in that emotions are so connected to the physical energetic system. I have never been very angry (to my recollection) after a strong work-out. Going to sleep, taking a shower, talking to someone, pranayama, all of these change the emotions. The emotions are always moving (perhaps "less" so or differently through my energetic explorations, but it is safe to compare for the most part the emotions to pathways embarked upon with different vehicles and different meanings to different destinations.

What is the reality of distances?

The measurement of distance appears to be a generally accepted characteristic for "reality" and comparison. 10 miles is farther than 5. Now I know that the reader knows that I'm going to say that 10 miles can be closer if it's downhill or if the 5 miles is through an undesirable or dangerous area or so forth and so on. These are very important to consider for our general feel for how things "work" in this reality that we live in.

If my hypothesis, that we have been sold a bill of goods, is true than we really must consider how much of an impact this thinking has to our pathways of understanding our possibility in this place.

The measurement and mathematic model (to the level that I'm familiar with which is BC Calculus) relies largely on incontrovertible facts. If 2x+7=10 then X=1.5 That's it. Nothing to create there.

What is 7+3 ? 10. You have nothing to create, you are simply translating. What is the derivative of 2x? 2. Again nothing to be done. If you know the pathway you know the pathway. If you don't you don't. The information is all already contained in the beginning.

You don't add any new information by solving math problems - for your entire grade school to high school graduation. Mathematics is an authoritative pillar of society. If you don't understand it you will be quite clearly lambasted or measured as ignorant. It is a fact that 2+2 = 4. Say 5 and you are pretty much "legally" wrong. Your perceptions of reality are wrong. Say it in front of a class of your peers. You have officially made a mistake in life.

For some reasons this may seem somewhat farcical or non-emotional or non-significant. Perhaps school experience was easy, perhaps there were no public mistakes made, or perhaps you have conveniently forgotten those painful memories. Rest assured that these experiences are nothing short than traumatic to beings with the capacity to speak in language more eloquent and beautiful than Shakespeare's finest sonnets. Understand that this is my understanding of God's Grace Glowing Through All of Creation.

So a being learns to keep the mouth shut that they can be wrong and that they are not good at math. Not being good at math can make a person think they are not capable of understanding bigger pictures. This is problematic when the information about the world is presented in number form.

What are 10 parts per billion of lead in the bay area water supply?

What are 150,000 deaths due to junk food?

What are $20 million grossed at the opening of the film of the week?

How do we understand this information? What do we do with it?

We have the capacity to live lives of intense constant significance. The intensity can be deep relaxation and rest. Intensity in tensity perhaps constant intensity is not such paradigm of life. Reminds me to breathe. I breathe and close eyes and the world is darkness empty formless nothing - though physical feelings pervade that empty everything.

Where am I now? Where am I with eyes closed? Where with eyes opened?

Location is scientific fact. Location is arbitrary to creative (e)motional beings. The difference between locations is created by differences in minds, probabilities, choices, voices, and so on. The distances are determined in the same way. Yes we can have expected limits, but should we think in those terms? And I don't say this to say, hey we can go faster, perhaps we'd do better to go slower!

I read my grandfather's love letter! He took three weeks to get a letter through - in a small country! Likely less than 150 miles separated him and my grandmother to be, and yet it took this long. Was it because he didn't have a car? Was it because of there not being internet? Or was it because he didn't realize he could take a horse and be there in four days, or because he chose not to, or because or because or because...

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